Ancient Idol Resembling Ramlala Discovered in Krishna River

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Discovery of Ancient Idol Similar to Ramlala in Krishna River Unveils Mysteries

In a remarkable archaeological find, an ancient idol resembling Lord Vishnu has been unearthed from the depths of the Krishna River in Karnataka’s Raichur district. What makes this discovery even more intriguing is its striking resemblance to the newly constructed Ramlala statue in Ayodhya.

Dating back to possibly the 11th or 12th century, this artifact, adorned with Dashavatars encircling its halo, shares uncanny similarities with the iconic deity of Ayodhya.

Sources reveal the fascinating coincidence that this millennia-old statue bears a striking resemblance to the revered Ramlala of Ayodhya. Adding to the intrigue, alongside this Vishnu idol, an ancient Shivalinga has also been discovered, hinting at its potential inclusion in the sanctum sanctorum of a temple.

Dr. Padmaja Desai, a lecturer specializing in ancient history and archaeology at Raichur University, speculates that the Vishnu statue likely once graced the inner sanctum of a temple, possibly submerged in the river to safeguard it from desecration. Although the statue shows signs of wear, with slight damage to its nose, its intricate carvings remain intact.

Desai elaborates on the unique features of the Vishnu idol, noting the special carvings and the presence of Dashavatars, depicting Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vaman, Ram, Parashuram, Krishna, Buddha, and Kalki. The standing Vishnu figure, adorned with four hands, holds a conch and chakra in its raised arms while bestowing blessings with the downward-facing hands—a portrayal resonating with Lord Venkateshwara as described in scriptures.

Remarkably, the absence of Garuda, usually depicted alongside Vishnu, distinguishes this idol, suggesting parallels with Lord Venkateshwara. Desai further highlights Vishnu’s penchant for ornamentation, evident in the idol’s adorned appearance with garlands and jewelry.

The discovery of this ancient Vishnu idol not only unveils rich historical insights but also underscores the enduring cultural and religious heritage embedded within India’s sacred landscapes.”

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