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Assam State Lottery Result Today 28.06.24 For 1PM 6PM 8PM

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Assam State Lottery is a popular lottery system in the Indian state of Assam, providing an opportunity for participants to win substantial cash prizes. This guide delves into various aspects of the Assam State Lottery, including how to participate, prize details, ticket prices, and more.

Assam State Lottery Results

The Assam State Lottery results are eagerly awaited by participants who hope to win big. The results are typically announced daily, with specific draw times for each lottery. You can check the Assam State Lottery results today on the official website or through authorized agents.

Assam State Lottery Today Result For 1PM

Bodoland 28june24 1pm
Assam State Lotteries Result

Assam State Lottery Today Result For 1PM Updated Soon

Assam State Lottery Today Result For 6PM

bodoland 28june24 6pm
Assam State Lotteries Result

Assam State Lottery Today Result For 6PM Updated Soon

Assam State Lottery Today Result For 8PM

Bodoland 28june24 8pm
Assam State Lotteries Result

Assam State Lottery Today Result For 8PM Updated Soon

Assam State Lottery Today

Nagaland State Lotteries
lottery nagaland live | nagaland lottery online | dear Lottery

Every day, the Assam State Lottery offers new chances to win. The results for today’s draw are available shortly after the draw takes place. Participants can view the Assam State Lottery today results online, ensuring they stay updated with the latest winning numbers.

Assam Lottery Prize Details

The prize structure of the Assam State Lottery is diverse, offering various prize tiers. The top prize is often substantial, making the lottery highly attractive. Assam Lottery prize details are usually published along with the results, indicating the amount won for each prize category.

Assam State Lottery Ticket Price

The Assam State Lottery ticket price is affordable, making it accessible to a broad audience. Typically, ticket prices range from a few rupees to a few hundred rupees, depending on the specific lottery. Purchasing a ticket is straightforward, either through authorized agents or online platforms.

Assam State Lottery Online Purchase

In the digital age, buying Assam State Lottery tickets online has become increasingly popular. Various platforms facilitate Assam State Lottery online purchase, providing a convenient way to participate without visiting a physical store. Ensure you buy tickets from authorized and reliable websites to avoid scams.

Assam Lottery Winning Numbers

The Assam State Lottery winning numbers are the highlight of each draw. These numbers determine the winners of the various prize categories. The winning numbers are published immediately after the draw on the official website and other lottery result portals.

Assam State Lottery Draw Time

The Assam State Lottery draw time varies depending on the specific lottery game. Typically, the draw times are scheduled throughout the day, with results announced promptly. Staying aware of the Assam State Lottery draw time is crucial for participants to check their tickets immediately after the draw.

Assam State Lottery Weekly Results

In addition to daily draws, the Assam State Lottery also conducts weekly draws with larger prize pools. The Assam State Lottery weekly results are often awaited with great anticipation. These weekly draws provide an extra chance for participants to win significant prizes.

Assam Lottery Bumper Draw

The Assam State Lottery occasionally features bumper draws, which offer exceptionally high prizes. These bumper draws are special events and are highly popular among participants. The Assam Lottery bumper draw results are eagerly awaited, and winning such a draw can be life-changing.

Assam State Lottery Live Draw

For enthusiasts who enjoy the excitement of real-time results, the Assam State Lottery live draw is a thrilling experience. The live draw is broadcasted on various platforms, including the official website, allowing participants to watch the results unfold in real-time.

How to Claim Assam Lottery Prize

Winning a prize in the Assam State Lottery is a moment of joy, but it’s essential to know how to claim it. Winners need to follow a specific process to claim their prizes. Typically, small prizes can be claimed from authorized retailers, while larger prizes require verification and submission of necessary documents at designated lottery offices.

Assam Lottery Winners List

The Assam State Lottery winners list is published after each draw, detailing the names and ticket numbers of the lucky winners. This list is available on the official lottery website and in various news outlets. Checking the Assam Lottery winners list is the first step for participants to confirm their winnings.

Assam State Lottery Official Website

The Assam State Lottery official website is the primary source of information regarding the lottery. It provides detailed information about draw times, results, ticket prices, and prize structures. Participants can also find guidelines on how to play and claim prizes on the official website.

Assam Lottery Result Chart

For those who like to analyze past results, the Assam Lottery result chart is a valuable resource. This chart displays historical winning numbers, helping participants to study patterns and strategize their future ticket purchases. The Assam Lottery result chart is available on various lottery result websites.

Assam Lottery Prize Structure

Understanding the Assam Lottery prize structure is crucial for participants. The prize structure outlines the different prize tiers and the corresponding amounts. It helps participants know what to expect if they win and how the prize money is distributed among the winners.

Assam State Lottery App

In today’s mobile-centric world, having access to lottery results and information on the go is convenient. The Assam State Lottery app provides an easy way for participants to check results, purchase tickets, and stay updated with the latest lottery news. The app is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

Assam Lottery Result History

Analyzing the Assam Lottery result history can provide valuable insights for participants. The history of past results can help identify trends and patterns in the winning numbers. This information is useful for those who like to employ strategies in their lottery participation.

Assam State Lottery Sambad

Assam State Lottery Sambad is one of the most popular lottery publications. It provides comprehensive details about the lottery results, upcoming draws, and other relevant information. Participants often refer to Assam State Lottery Sambad to stay informed about the latest developments in the lottery world.

Assam State Lottery Agency

Authorized Assam State Lottery agencies are responsible for selling tickets and distributing prizes. These agencies ensure the smooth operation of the lottery system and provide a reliable point of contact for participants. Buying tickets from an authorized Assam State Lottery agency ensures legitimacy and security.

Assam State Lottery Rules and Regulations

Understanding the Assam State Lottery rules and regulations is essential for all participants. These rules outline the terms and conditions of participating in the lottery, including eligibility criteria, prize claiming process, and other important guidelines. Adhering to the Assam State Lottery rules and regulations ensures a fair and transparent lottery system.


The Assam State Lottery offers an exciting opportunity for participants to win significant prizes while enjoying the thrill of the draw. From checking the Assam State Lottery results today to understanding the Assam Lottery prize details, this comprehensive guide covers all aspects of participating in the lottery. Whether you are looking to buy tickets online or through an authorized agency, staying informed about the Assam State Lottery can enhance your experience and increase your chances of winning. Always remember to play responsibly and adhere to the Assam State Lottery rules and regulations for a fair and enjoyable lottery experience.

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