Haldwani Violencel

Attacked The Police, Blew up The Police Station With Petrol Bombs, Nainital DM Reveals – Stones Were Collected on the Rooftops

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Haldwani Violence: The aftermath of the violence in Banbhulpura, Haldwani, has left a grim toll, with four fatalities and over 100 policemen sustaining injuries, as confirmed by Uttarakhand  ADG Law and Order,

AP Anshuman. In response to the unrest, internet services have been suspended, and all schools and colleges in the Nainital district have been ordered to close by the administration.

Following the violence, a state-wide high alert has been issued. Nainital District Magistrate Vandana Singh emphasized that the police force acted with restraint and did not provoke violence or harm anyone.

The crackdown on encroachments in Haldwani, prompted by a High Court order, targeted several areas, ensuring due process through notices and hearings.

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Addressing the ongoing campaign to reclaim government properties from encroachment, DM Vandana Singh clarified that the recent demolition targeted structures occupying vacant land, neither registered nor recognized as religious sites.

Despite differing interpretations of these structures as a madrasa or a prayer area, the decision to remove them was based on their lack of legal legitimacy.

Singh underscored the lawful nature of the demolition drive, emphasizing that it aimed to reclaim public property from unauthorized occupation.

Despite meticulous planning and adherence to legal procedures, the operation faced aggression within half an hour of commencement, as a large mob launched an attack on the Municipal Corporation team.

The administration remains committed to upholding the rule of law and ensuring the peaceful resolution of disputes, emphasizing the need for cooperation and adherence to legal processes in addressing issues of encroachment.

Despite the challenges posed by the recent violence, efforts to maintain public order and uphold the law continue unabated.

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