Kerala Piravi 2024, Date, History & Importance, Celebrations

On the occasion of Kerala Piravi, cultural programs are organized in schools and colleges. In this, students perform folk dances of Kerala, such as Mohiniyattam and Thiruvattikkali. In some schools, students depict the history of Kerala through plays. These programs are not only entertaining, What is Kerala Piravi ? ‘Kerala’s Birthday’ – Kerala piravi! If […]

Mysore Dasara 2024: Best Cultural Festival to Experience

Mysore Dussehra is a colorful festival of Karnataka, where history and celebration come together. If you want to experience Mysore Dussehra this year, don’t forget to consider packages. These packages will not only make your journey easier, Mysore Dasara Information Mysore Dussehra: A colorful celebration of royal tradition! Mysore Dussehra, known as “Mysore Dussehra” in […]