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Junagarh Fort

Bikaner: A Journey Through History, Cuisine, and Adventure

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Bikaner is a beautiful city located in the northern part of Rajasthan.
It is situated in the middle of the Thar desert. Bikaner city was founded by Rao Bika in 1488 AD. This city is known for its high forts, magnificent palaces and colorful culture.

Introduction to Bikaner Tourism

Bikaner, the city of kings: a wonderful trip to visit
Are you fond of traveling and like listening to stories of kings and emperors? So this time turn your attention towards Bikaner, the battlefield of Rajasthan. Bikaner is known for its magnificent forts, enchanting palaces and colorful culture. Today we will tell you why Bikaner is a place worth visiting.

Bikaner: A Gem in the Heart of Thar

Located in the northern part of Rajasthan, Bikaner is a beautiful city in the heart of the Thar Desert. It was founded by Rao Bika in 1488 AD. Bikaner state was known for its bravery and cultural heritage. Today this city attracts history lovers and people fond of travelling.

Importance of Tourism in Bikaner

Tourism has great importance in Bikaner. This not only sustains the livelihood of the people here, but it also helps in spreading the history and culture of Bikaner to the world. Many efforts are being made by the government to promote tourism.

Junagarh Fort

Places to Visit in Bikaner

Bikaner tour: amidst forts, palaces and sand
Today we take you on a tour of Bikaner, where you can feel the glory of the kings and the thrill of the desert simultaneously. So let’s start with some special places to visit in Bikaner.

Witness to History: Magnificent Forts and Palaces

Junagarh Fort: If you have come to visit Bikaner, then first of all you should definitely see Junagarh Fort. This fort was built by Rao Bika in the year 1588. The strong walls and beautiful palaces of this fort tell the story of the royal history of Bikaner. Inside the fort you will find many beautiful buildings like Karni Mahal, Rang Mahal, Phool Mahal.

Lalgarh Palace: Built in the early 20th century, Lalgarh Palace is known for its Indo-Saracenic architecture. This palace also has a museum, where you can see weapons, clothes and artefacts used by the kings of Bikaner.

Deshkat Chowk: Located in the heart of Bikaner, Deshkat Chowk is famous for its colorful shops and lively atmosphere. Here you will find leather items, pottery, Rajasthani clothes and wonderful sweets. The view here is worth seeing in the evening.

Touching the ravages of time: Historical Sites

Karni Mata Temple: The temple of Karni Mata located in Deshnok village, 30 kilometers away from Bikaner, is very unique. Rats are worshiped like gods in this temple. It is believed that the souls of people who die here take birth in rats. The recognition and unique tradition of this temple attracts people from all over the country.

Karni Mata Mandir Bikaner
Karni Mata Mandir

Ganga Singh Museum: Located inside the Lalgarh Palace of Bikaner, Ganga Singh Museum contains objects depicting the bravery and splendor of the kings of Bikaner. Here you can see weapons, armour, royal costumes and artefacts used by the kings.

Desert Zone: Natural Landmarks

Raisar Desert: If you do not visit the desert after coming to Bikaner, then your visit to Bikaner will remain incomplete. The desert of Ricer is about 25 kilometers from Bikaner. Here you can enjoy camel ride, jungle safari on sand dunes and enjoy the calm atmosphere of the desert at night.

Things to Do In Bikaner

Fill your life with colors in Bikaner!
A visit to Bikaner is not complete just by seeing the forts and palaces. Here you get those experiences which remain in your heart forever as memories. So let us know what you can do in Bikaner.

Activities full of adventure and fun:

Fun of Camel Ride: Rajasthan and camel ride, both of them complement each other. In Bikaner you can feel the thrill of the desert by riding a camel in the desert of Raiser.

Jeep Safari Adventure: Want to experience the thrill of the desert even closer? So definitely enjoy jeep safari. While driving a jeep between the sand dunes, you will not only experience the thrill but will also be able to see the desert animals.

Dinner Under the Stars: Enjoy the cool desert evening by having a bonfire amidst the sand dunes and gazing at the twinkling stars in the sky. This experience will give you a solace away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Know the culture of Rajasthan closely:

Witness Rajasthani Folk Dance: Make your evening in Bikaner special by watching Rajasthani folk dance. The colorful costumes of the artists and their enthusiasm to the beat of the drum will mesmerize you.

Puppet Show: The puppet art of Bikaner is famous all over the world. Watching a puppet play in the evening will be fun not only for children but also for adults. This will introduce you to the folk tales of Rajasthan.

Savor Bikaneri Cuisine: Any trip remains incomplete if you do not taste the food there. Be sure to taste Bikaneri Bhujia, Meetha Magan, and Rabdi made from camel milk.

Enjoy shopping:

Sadulsar Market: Visit Sadulsar Market to buy Bikaneri silk sarees, lac bangles, colorful clothes and pottery. Here you will get to see the beauty of Rajasthani handicrafts.

Junagarh Fort Complex: You can buy clothes reflecting the royal attire, replicas of swords and souvenirs related to the royal family of Bikaner from the shops located inside the Junagarh Fort.

How to Reach Bikaner

Easy journey to reach Bikaner
A plan has been made to visit Bikaner, but how to reach there is also a question, isn’t it? Don’t worry, friend! Reaching Bikaner is as easy as traveling there is fun. So let us know about the different ways to reach Bikaner.

Pleasure of air travel:

If you want to reach Bikaner quickly, then airplane is the best option for you. Bikaner does not have its own airport, but Jodhpur Domestic Airport is the nearest airport to Bikaner. Bikaner is about 250 kilometers from Jodhpur Airport. From there you can easily reach Bikaner by taking a taxi or cab.

Train journey:

If you want to travel comfortably and enjoy the beautiful views passing through the window, then train travel is a good option for you. Bikaner Railway Junction is well connected to many big cities of the country. You can choose the train as per your convenience.

Travel by road::

If you have your own vehicle or are fond of road trips, you can reach Bikaner by road also. Bikaner is connected to national highways, so you can reach there easily. On the way, you can stop somewhere and drink tea or visit some beautiful place.

To visit in Bikaner city:

You have many options to roam inside Bikaner city. You can hire auto rickshaw, taxi or rickshaw. Apart from this, bus service is also available in the city.

Best Time to Visit Bikaner

Bikaner journey: confluence of weather, festivals and history
If you have made up your mind to visit Bikaner, then it is also important to know which is the best time to visit Bikaner. If you enjoy traveling and do not face any problem due to heat or cold, then what are you waiting for? Let us know the best time to visit Bikaner!

Bikaneri Climate Overview:

Bikaner is located in Rajasthan, so it is not difficult to know what the weather will be like here. Both summer and winter are very intense in Bikaner.

Summers: Bikaner experiences extreme heat from April to September. The temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius. It becomes very difficult to travel in such weather.

Monsoon: A slight monsoon occurs between July and September, but there is not much rainfall. There is some relief during this period, but this is also not considered an ideal time for travelling.

Winters: Bikaner experiences winter from October to March. This is the best time to visit Bikaner. The weather remains pleasant and it is fun to travel.

Golden period of tourism:

October to March is considered the best time to visit Bikaner. During this period the weather remains pleasant and you can roam around comfortably.

Special Events and Festivals:

If you want to experience the colorful festivals of Bikaner, then you can plan your trip around these special days.

Gauria Puja: Gauria Puja, held in the month of September, is a major festival of the tribal community. During this time, an atmosphere of dancing, singing and happiness is seen in Bikaner.

Camel Festival: Camel Festival is organized in Bikaner in January. During this time, decoration of camels, races and dance competitions are seen.

Bikaner Vintage Car Rally: Bikaner Vintage Car Rally held in February is no less than a special event for car lovers.

Bikaner Tourism History:

Bikaner has a very long history. In earlier times, during the rule of Bikaner princely state, great importance was given to art and culture here. The king of Bikaner was also very fond of hunting. Foreign guests also used to come to Bikaner for hunting. It is believed that tourism started in Bikaner during that time.

Evolution of Tourism in Bikaner:

After independence, many efforts were made to promote tourism in Bikaner. The forts, palaces and historical sites of Bikaner were opened for tourists. Besides, many facilities were also provided by the Tourism Department. Now Bikaner has become one of the major tourist destinations in India.

Food in Bikaner

Bikaner’s special kitchen: A journey of spicy flavors
If you are going to visit Bikaner, then do not forget to enjoy not only the forts and palaces, but also the food there. The taste of Bikaneri food is such that if you eat it once, you will feel like eating it again and again. So let’s start the journey of some special tastes of Bikaner.

Taste of Bikaneri Thali:

Dal-Baati-Churma: Dal-Baati-Churma, the identity of Rajasthan, must be eaten in Bikaner also. The flavor of ghee and the aroma of spices in Bikaneri dal will mesmerize you.

Laal Maas: If you are a non-vegetarian then definitely taste Bikaneri Laal Maas. You will remember this delicious dish of mutton pieces cooked in red chillies and special spices.

Kesar Kachori: You must have eaten Kachori, but the taste of Bikaneri Kesar Kachori is different. This kachori stuffed with saffron and dry fruits in semolina flour tastes wonderful with evening tea.

Meetha Magan: If you are fond of eating sweets then definitely try Meetha Magan. This sweet dish made of milk, dry fruits and saffron will melt the sweetness in your mouth as soon as you eat it.

Popular Restaurants and Eateries:

Haveli Restaurant: If you want to experience fine dining then definitely visit Haveli Restaurant. Here you will get Bikaneri food as well as other Indian dishes.

Junagarh Fort Complex: You can enjoy Bikaneri thali in small restaurants located inside the fort. Eating food while seeing the beautiful views of the fort has its own pleasure.

Street Food Stalls at Sadul Market: You will find many types of food stalls in Sadulsar Market. Here you can eat things like samosas, pakodas, bhajiya and chaat., pub-1243806233075433, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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