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‘Congress Should Stop Creating Stories of Division’, When PM Modi Said in Rajya Sabha

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New Delhi – In a significant address on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a plea directed at the Congress and the Karnataka state government, urging them to refrain from sowing seeds of division between the North and South regions of India, citing concerns over the nation’s future.

Speaking during a debate on the motion of thanks in the Rajya Sabha, PM Modi expressed dismay over what he described as the Karnataka government’s propagation of such divisive narratives through its advertisements.

PM Modi highlighted the recent protest led by the Congress, spearheaded by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, which centered on perceived injustices regarding the allocation of tax revenue from the Central government to the state.

Expressing his concern, PM Modi remarked, “Today, I wish to address a pressing issue. The rhetoric aimed at fracturing our nation for political gains is troubling. When an entire state adopts such divisive language, it bodes ill for the unity of our nation.”

The Prime Minister also lamented the discourse surrounding vaccine distribution, where some voices argue against administering vaccines produced in one part of the country to citizens in other regions. “What manner of thinking is this?” PM Modi questioned. “It is disheartening to witness such language emanating from a national political party.”

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Expanding on his analogy, PM Modi likened the nation to a collective human body, emphasizing that when any part suffers, the pain should be collectively felt. “This nation is not merely geographical terrain to us; it is akin to a living organism. Just as a hand wouldn’t ignore a thorn in the foot, we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to any issue affecting any part of our country,” he asserted.

Concerns were also raised about the potential ramifications of regional resource hoarding, with PM Modi questioning how the country would function if states withheld vital resources like coal or oxygen.

“What efforts are being made to dismantle this divisive sentiment?” PM Modi asked. “The rhetoric of ‘Our tax, our money’ only serves to exacerbate divisions. We must cease this trend of fostering narratives that threaten our nation’s future and instead strive to foster unity.”

In conclusion, PM Modi urged all stakeholders to prioritize national unity over political expediency, stressing the imperative of steering the country towards a collective vision of progress and prosperity.

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