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Controversy Erupts Following Demolition Attempt on Illegal Madrassa in Haldwani

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Haldwani: The latest developments unfold in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, where a tense situation emerged as the police administration initiated bulldozer action against an illegal mosque.

In response, protesters resorted to pelting stones at the police, resulting in injuries to several policemen and journalists, including the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). The incident occurred as authorities attempted to dismantle a madrasa and prayer site constructed on government land in Banbhulpura, a predominantly Muslim area.

Ongoing unrest in the vicinity On Thursday,

A Team from the Uttarakhand Municipal Corporation arrived in Banbhulpura equipped with a bulldozer to demolish the unauthorized madrasa and prayer facility. The area was heavily policed in anticipation of potential resistance.

However, the commencement of bulldozer action triggered immediate stone-pelting by locals, swiftly escalating into a large-scale confrontation. Police and media vehicles were set ablaze amidst widespread stone-pelting incidents, exacerbating tensions in the area.

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Instances of arson reported

Prior to this confrontation, the Municipal Corporation had issued notices to vacate the illegal prayer site and madrasa premises. Despite repeated warnings, the structures remained intact, prompting authorities to intervene forcefully. Following the demolition attempt, protests erupted, with agitators resorting to arson in several locations.

The Vanbhoolpura area, particularly Malik Ka Bagicha, witnessed illegal construction of a prayer site on Nazul land and the alleged operation of an unauthorized madrasa. The administration had previously issued stern directives to clear the encroachments by Sunday.

The situation remains volatile as authorities grapple with ongoing unrest and resistance from local residents.

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