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Delhi Akshardham Temple
Jagran Josh

Delhi Akshardham Temple, Ticket Price, Musical Water Show Timing

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Have come to visit Delhi and wondering what to do in the evening? Then what could be a better time than this to visit Akshardham Temple!

Yes, not just grand temples and informative exhibitions, Akshardham also gives you a wonderful view in the evening.

Delhi Akshardham Temple Information

LocationNH 24, Akshardham Setu
TypeHindu Temple
Also Known asSwaminarayan Akshardham
Timings10:00 am to 8:00 pm; closed on Mondays  
 Entry closes at 6:30 pm
Aarti Timings10:30 am to 6:30 pm
Temple Entry FeeFree
Exhibition Fee₹250 for adults (12 years and above); ₹200 for senior citizens (60 years and above); ₹150 for children (4 to 11 years); free for children below 4 years
 Combined ticket for all three exhibitions
Exhibition Tickets Timings11:00 am to 6:00 pm
Dedicated toBhagwan Swaminarayan
Year of Establishment2005
Commissioned byPramukh Swami Maharaj
Constructed byBochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS)
Material UsedRajasthani pink sandstone and Italian Carrara marble
Architectural styleBased on the principles of Maharishi Vastu Architecture and influenced by ancient architectural styles from across India
PhotographyNot allowed
Mobiles and ElectronicsNot allowed
Nearest Metro StationAkshardham Metro Station
Dress CodeUpper wear that covers your upper arms, chest, naval, and shoulders and below knee-length bottoms
Contact InformationPhone: +91-11-4344 2344Email: info@akshardham.comweb:

Delhi Akshardham Temple: History

Delhi’s Akshardham: A confluence of History and Spirituality (Dilli ka Akshardham: Itihas aur Adhyatm ka Sangam – Delhi’s Akshardham: A confluence of History and Spirituality)

Akshardham Temple, located in Delhi, on the banks of river Yamuna, is not only famous for its grand architecture, but it has also become a symbol of Indian culture and spirituality. But do you know what is the history of this grand temple? Let us try to know the hidden story behind Akshardham today.

A tribute, a dream

Akshardham Temple was built to pay tribute to Swami Narayan, the founder of the Swaminarayan sect. Swami Narayan was a saint of the 18th-19th century, who propagated the path of devotion and virtue.

The word Akshardham means “letter” i.e. imperishable abode (Nivas – Abode). The dream of building this temple was of Swami Maharaj, the spiritual successor of Swami Narayan. He believed that such a grand temple would encapsulate the glory of Indian culture and history and would inspire the coming generations.

Miracle happened in five years

The plan for construction of Akshardham temple started in 2000. About 11,000 artisans and thousands of volunteers worked hard day and night to build this temple. Using traditional Indian craftsmanship and architectural styles, this magnificent temple was completed in just five years.

The inauguration ceremony held in 2005 was no less than a celebration. Thousands of people headed to Delhi to witness this historic moment.

Vision of the past, glory of the present

Akshardham Temple is not just a place of worship, but it is also a museum of Indian culture and history. The temple complex depicts India’s glorious history, yoga, art and spirituality through sculptures, artefacts and exhibits.

By coming here you can get a glimpse of India from the Vedic period to the Mughal Empire. Besides, the scientific and economic progress of modern India has also been displayed.

The Pride of Delhi, A Tourist Hub : Akshardham Temple, Delhi: Today

Today Akshardham Temple has become one of the major tourist places of Delhi. Every year lakhs of people come from far and wide to visit this temple. The calm environment, grand architecture and spiritual touch here attracts people towards itself.

Akshardham Temple, Delhi: Architecture

Artwork of Akshardham: History told in stones

Delhi Akshardham Temple
Jagran Josh

Akshardham Temple of Delhi is known for its grandeur, but the real magic lies in its amazing architecture and artistry. It seems as if the stones have been carved and filled with stories of history and spirituality. Let us get lost in the beauty of this workmanship today:

Confluence of traditional styles: A beautiful confluence of Indian, Rajput and Jain temple styles can be seen in the architecture of Akshardham temple. Intricate carvings of elephants, horses and flowers and leaves decorate the walls of the temple.

Magic of Pink Sandstone: The entire temple is constructed from pink sandstone. The specialty of this stone is that it keeps changing its color in sunlight. In the morning it is pinkish in color and in the evening it glows golden.

Stories hidden in carvings: Every carving done on the walls of the temple tells some story or the other. Somewhere there are war scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata, and somewhere different yoga asanas are depicted. Even after wandering here for hours, you will keep looking at the carvings and every time some new detail will be visible.

Emotional depiction of sculptures: You will get to see thousands of sculptures in the Akshardham temple complex. The special thing about these statues is that the expressions on their faces are so lively that it seems as if they are talking. Peace is clearly visible on the faces of saints, innocence on the faces of children and bravery on the faces of warriors.

Incorporation of modern technology: Even though traditional craftsmanship has been used in the construction of Akshardham temple, modern technology has also been used here. For example, there is a light and sound show in the temple premises, in which the history of India is depicted very effectively using laser technology.

Things to See in the Akshardham Temple Complex, Delhi

Darshan and entertainment in Akshardham: A memorable journey

Delhi’s Akshardham Temple is not only a religious place but also promises a memorable outing for the entire family. So today let us see what are the special things to visit in Akshardham:

  1. Grand Swaminarayan Temple: The main attraction of the Akshardham complex is this huge Swaminarayan Temple. Made of pink sandstone, this temple mesmerizes the tourists for its intricate carvings and magnificent architecture. The idols of Swaminarayan ji and his supreme abode are installed in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.
  2. Abhishek Mandap: Experience of peace: In the Abhishek Mandap located in the temple premises, you can perform Jalabhishek of Shivalinga with the chanting of Vedic mantras. The peaceful atmosphere here gives peace to the mind.
  3. Exhibition Hall – Journey of History and Culture: There are three exhibition halls in the Akshardham complex – Sahajanand Darshan, Neelkanth Darshan and Sanskriti Darshan. In these halls you will get to see glimpses of India’s glorious history, culture, art and science. Here things have been explained in an interesting way using animation, robotics and various models.
  4. Satsang Hall: Spiritual Discussion: If you are interested in spirituality, then definitely visit Satsang Hall. Discourses and satsangs are organized regularly here, where you can gain spiritual knowledge.
  5. Garden of India: Enjoy greenery: If you are tired of roaming around Akshardham, then you can go to Garden of India to take some rest. Various types of trees, plants and flowers are planted here. Besides, you can also see statues related to Indian culture and history here.
  6. Yogi Hriday Kamal: Light and Sound Show: The brightest part of an evening out is the light and sound show at Yogi Hriday Kamal. The show effectively depicts India’s history, culture and spiritual glory using laser technology and water fountains.

These are some special things, seeing which will make your Akshardham experience memorable. Apart from this, you will also find a restaurant, library and shops on the premises, where you can buy souvenirs.

Exhibitions at Akshardham Temple, Delhi

Akshardham Exhibitions: Peeping through the windows of history

Akshardham Temple There are many places to visit in Delhi, but do you know that it is not only a temple but also a storehouse of knowledge? Yes, there are three exhibition halls in the Akshardham complex, which are known as “Sahjanand Darshan”, “Neelkanth Darshan” and “Sanskriti Darshan”. Let us visit those exhibitions today and listen to some unique stories by peeping through the windows of history:

Sahajanand Darshan: A Message of Virtue and Harmony: The first exhibition hall, Sahajanand Darshan, takes us through the life and teachings of Swaminarayan Ji. Here you will see how he spread the message of morality, harmony and tolerance in the society in the 18th-19th century. Using modern technology – through animation, robotics and various models – even complex topics are explained easily.
While roaming here, you will feel as if you yourself have reached that era and are directly listening to the teachings of Swaminarayan Ji. This exhibition hall teaches us that true happiness lies not in material things, but in good values and good conduct.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Languages: Hindi and English (separate shows)

Neelkanth Darshan: Panorama of Magnificent India: The second exhibition hall, Neelkanth Darshan, is a spectacular display of the glorious history and culture of India. Here you can travel to India from the Vedic period to the Mughal Empire. Glimpses of ancient temples, historical events and great personalities can be seen.
There are some sections that will leave you spellbound, like learning about the secrets of the universe in the planetarium or learning about different religions in Dharamshala. This exhibition hall makes us realize how rich and diverse a country India is.

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Language*: Hindi

Sanskriti Darshan: A Unique Journey of Traditions: The third exhibition hall, Sanskriti Darshan, takes you through the vibrant arts, crafts, food and traditions of India. Here you will see how traditions that have been going on for centuries are still a part of our lives.
Whether you want to see the craftsmen making idols or admire the beauty of Rangoli, this exhibition hall will make you aware of the nuances of Indian culture. Besides, there is a special section where you are also told what achievements India has made in the field of science and technology. This exhibition hall makes us feel proud that we are residents of a country with such a rich tradition.

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Language*: Hindi

Musical Fountain or Water Show at Akshardham Temple, Delhi

This water show taking place in Akshardham complex is known as “Yogi Hriday Kamal”. As the evening approaches, as the color of the sky begins to change, the water show begins. Water channels have been made all around, from which streams of water jump up to the top.

But it is not just a water fountain, rather it dances to the beat of music. Sometimes it rises high, sometimes flows slowly, sometimes turns round – these water streams change their form every moment.

magic of light

The special thing about this water show is its colorful lights. Laser lights of all kinds of colors fall on the water streams, making them look even more beautiful. In one moment the color of the water turns red, and in the next moment it turns green, blue, yellow – as if a rainbow has come down from the sky and into the pond.

pleasant music to the ears

Along with this dance of water, you will hear melodious music. Sometimes the tunes of Indian classical music, sometimes film tunes – this music makes every moment of the water show even more effective.

a story telling show

This water show is not only a means of entertainment, but it also tells a story. Sometimes it introduces us to the knowledge of the Vedas, and sometimes it shows the story of the Dashavatars of Lord Vishnu. During this time, the voice of the narrator keeps coming from the speaker, which makes the show even more lively.

promise of an evening to remember

This water show of Akshardham lasts for about 15 minutes, but these 15 minutes will mesmerize you. The dancing of water streams, the magic of colorful lights and pleasant music together make the evening truly memorable.

How to Reach at Akshardham Temple

Akshardham in the Heart of Delhi: How to Reach Easily

Akshardham Temple is one of the major tourist destinations of Delhi. Every year lakhs of people from India and abroad come here for darshan. But those coming for the first time definitely have this question that how to reach Akshardham? So let us find the answer to this question today:

Delhi Metro: The Easiest Way

If you are in Delhi, the easiest and economical way to reach Akshardham is Metro. It will take you just 5 minutes to reach the temple complex from “Akshardham Temple” metro station located on the Blue Line. As soon as you exit the station, you will see signs for the temple. By following these signs you can easily reach the temple.

Bus or cab: Choose as per your comfort

If you do not like to go by metro, you can also take the help of bus or cab. Buses run from different areas of Delhi to Akshardham. You can go to your nearest bus stop and inquire which bus can take you to Akshardham Temple.

If you want to use cab service, then you can easily book a cab with the help of apps like Ola or Uber. Taxi service is a bit expensive, but it takes you directly to your destination.

Coming in your own car?

If you are coming to Akshardham in your car, then you will have to take some caution. There is a lot of traffic in Delhi, so be sure to check the traffic updates before leaving. There is parking facility in the temple premises, but due to large number of vehicles you may have to wait for a while.

things to remember

Akshardham temple is open for darshan from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.
Carrying mobile phones, cameras and leather items is prohibited in the temple premises. You can keep these things in the locker outside the temple.
Entry to the temple is free, but you will have to buy separate tickets for the exhibitions and water shows.
There is a vegetarian restaurant in the temple premises., pub-1243806233075433, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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