Dzukou Valley Kohima
Best Places to Visit in Kohima

Dzukou Valley To Kohima Night Markets: 10 Hidden Gems To Discover In Kohima

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Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, is known as the Queen of Hills. This city is famous for its beauty, culture and history, but there are some unique gems hidden here, about which very few people know. So, today let us go on a tour of Kohima in search of those unique gems:

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Kohima

1. Dzukou Valley: Paradise of Flowers

Dzukou Valley Kohima
Best Places to Visit in Kohima

Situated about 30 km from Kohima, Dzukou Valley is no less than a paradise. In the months of June to September, such a colorful sea of ​​flowers rises here that the heart of the onlooker becomes happy. Pink lilies, purple orchids and a lot of wild flowers together increase the beauty of this place fourfold. Are you fond of trekking (Torekkkingu – Trekking)? Then definitely come here and enjoy trekking in this beautiful valley.

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2. Saintsen College: A Blend of History and Education

Situated just a short distance from Kohima, Saintsen College is not only a temple of education, but it is also a witness of the Second World War. It is said that there used to be a hospital of Japanese soldiers here. Today this college is known for its beautiful buildings and peaceful atmosphere. Are you a history student? Then definitely come here and see the things related to the Second World War in the college museum.

3. Kishanganj Museum: Treasure Trove of Naga Culture

If you are planning to visit Kohima, then definitely visit Kishanganj Museum. This museum covers Naga culture and history. Here you will get to see the traditional clothes, weapons, jewelry and living items of the Naga people. Not only this, the museum also has things related to the tradition of Naga headhunting (ryoushu – headhunting). So are you interested in history and culture? Then definitely come and learn about the Naga heritage.

4. International Coffee Festival: A Celebration for Coffee Lovers

If you are a coffee lover, then definitely come to the International Coffee Festival held in Kohima every year in February. Here you will not only get a chance to drink different types of coffee from around the world, but you can also taste coffee made in the traditional way of the Naga people. In this festival, programs related to Naga art and culture are also held, so you can also experience Naga culture while drinking coffee.

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5. Escape Ropeway: A Blend of Thrill and Beauty

Want to see the beauty of Kohima from a height? Then take the help of Escape Ropeway. This ropeway takes you above the city of Kohima, from where seeing the view of the whole city is a different experience in itself. While sitting in the ropeway and enjoying the breeze, when you look down, you can see the greenery of the mountains and the colorful roofs of the city. If you like adventure, then after going up the ropeway, you can also enjoy the zip line there. So, definitely experience this unique blend of thrill and beauty.

6. Ziekie Village: A Weekend in Nature’s Lap

Want to spend some time in a peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of Kohima? Then definitely visit Ziekie Village. This beautiful village is surrounded by mountains and the local people living here are known for their hospitality. You can go trekking around the village, take a dip in the waterfalls, or sit with the villagers and learn about their culture. This is a great opportunity to spend some peaceful moments in the lap of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

7. The English Garden: A Spectacle of Flowers

Another special place to visit in Kohima is the English Garden. This beautiful garden was built during the British Raj and here you will find a variety of colorful flowers. Roses, hibiscus, and seasonal flowers together enhance the beauty of this garden. While roaming here, stopping for a while to read a book or enjoy a picnic is also a different kind of fun. So, to spend some time in the fresh air and amidst beautiful flowers, definitely visit the English Garden.

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8. War Cemetery: Homage to the Martyrs

Kohima has been an important witness to the Second World War. The War Cemetery pays tribute to the Indian and British soldiers who were martyred in this war. The calm atmosphere and rows of graves will make you feel the horror of war. By coming here, you can pay tribute to the martyrs as well as remember that period of history.

9. Night Markets of Kohima

The nights of Kohima are no less special. Do not forget to enjoy the night markets held in different areas of the city. In these markets, you will not only get delicious Naga traditional dishes, but you can also buy things related to folk art here. From momos to Akhuni (Fermented Soybean Dish), you will find every kind of taste here. So as soon as the evening falls, set out on a tour of the night markets of Kohima and have a unique experience of taste.

10. Hornbill Festival: Celebration of Naga Culture

Are you planning to visit Kohima in the month of December? Then do not miss the Hornbill Festival. This festival is a colourful celebration of Naga culture, in which Naga people dance and sing wearing their traditional clothes. In this festival, you will get to see performances of Headh猎首 (ryoushu – headhunting) dance, traditional games and music. Along with this, there is also a handicraft exhibition here, from where you can take home the best specimen of Naga art. So come to Kohima in December and get immersed in the colours of the Hornbill Festival!

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