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Garia Puja

Garia Puja: Exploring Tradition, Rituals, and Cultural Significance

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Times are changing, so traditions also have to adapt. Same thing is happening with Goriya Puja of Tripura also. Let us see how Garia Puja is maintaining itself in today’s times.

Adaptations in Contemporary Times

Despite being a tradition thousands of years old, Garia Puja has adapted itself with time. Some things remain the same even today, but some things have also changed.

Introduction to Garia Puja

Goriya Puja: Celebration of crops and joyous celebrations
India is a country of festivals. Every region has its own unique traditions and every festival is special in itself. Today we will tell you about one such unique festival of Tripura, Garia Puja.

So let’s know about Goriya Puja!

Garia Puja: The Joy of Harvest

Garia Puja is a major tribal festival celebrated in the state of Tripura. This festival lasts for seven days once a year, starting from the first day of the month of Vaishakh. It is also known as “Buisu” or “Bihu”.

importance of puja

The main objective of Garia Puja is to thank Lord Goriya for the crop yield and seek his blessings. Lord Goriya is also believed to be the god of livestock and domestic happiness and prosperity. During this puja, tribal communities in rural areas dance and sing with joy and perform special prayers to seek the blessings of Lord Garia.

Special Traditions

Many special traditions are seen during Garia Puja. Some of the major ones are –

Bamboo Pole: A bamboo pole decorated with flowers and garlands is installed at the place of worship. This pillar is considered to be the symbol of Lord Goriya.

Animal Sacrifice: Some traditional communities also have a tradition of sacrificing animals during Goriya Puja. However, now gradually practices like offering coconut are being adopted in its place.

Dance and Music: During the puja, children and youth dance and sing a lot to the beat of the drum. This dance and music expresses happiness and is done to please Lord Garia.

Garia Festival
Adivasi Lives Matter

History and Background

Story of Goriya Puja: History and Tradition
There is some story behind every festival. Similarly, there is an interesting story related to Garia Puja of Tripura. So let us know about this story today.

When and how did it start?

There is no exact information as to when Goriya Puja is being celebrated. But it is believed that this is an ancient festival related to the agricultural life of the tribals. Ever since the tribals learned to grow crops, they have been worshiping some deity for good crop production. And with time this worship evolved into Goriya worship.

Changing times, changing traditions
Garia puja has been going on for thousands of years. During this period, some of its traditions have also changed. For example, where earlier there was a tradition of animal sacrifice, now in most places practices like offering coconut are being adopted instead.

Influence of mythological stories

There is no specific mythology behind Goriya Puja, but different stories related to it are prevalent in many tribal communities.

Farmer and the Deity: According to a story, there was a poor farmer. He worked hard throughout the year, but never got a good harvest. One night a god appeared to him in his dream, who asked him to worship him for a happy harvest. The farmer performed the puja as told in the dream and got a good harvest. Since then the tradition of performing Goriya Puja for the harvest started in that area.

Protector of Livestock: According to another story, Lord Garia is considered as the protector deity of livestock. During Garia Puja, villagers pray to Lord Garia for the good health of their cattle and pets.

Importance of Stories

These stories may not give accurate information about history, but they reflect the traditions and beliefs of tribal communities. These stories are told from generation to generation and keep the festival of Garia Puja alive.

Rituals and Traditions

The grandeur of Goriya Puja: Confluence of rituals and customs
Goriya Puja of Tripura is not just a puja, but a confluence of happiness and traditions. Let us see how this puja is celebrated.

Preparation for Garia Puja

Weeks before Goriya Puja, the tribal community starts preparing for it. The village elders clean the place of worship and prepare a tall bamboo pole. Women collect colorful flowers and leaves and clean the houses. New dhotis and sarees are also bought for the puja.

Puja Vidhi

Goriya Puja is a seven-day long festival. Every day a puja thali is decorated, in which fruits, flowers, sweets and new heads of paddy are kept. The bamboo poles installed at the place of worship are also decorated with these flowers and leaves. Tribal priests chant mantras to invoke Lord Goriya and pray for good crop yields and good health of livestock.

Offerings and Prayers

During Goriya Puja, devotees make various types of offerings to Lord Goriya. This includes coconut, turmeric, vermilion, young paddy heads and country liquor. Also, they pray to Lord Goriya to bestow happiness, prosperity and prosperity throughout the year.

Celebration time

Goriya Puja is not limited to just worship, but it is also a community festival. After the puja, the people of the village dance and sing vigorously to the beat of the drum. The youth wear traditional costumes and participate in colorful programs. Women collectively sing tribal songs, which makes the entire atmosphere pleasant.

Duration and Timing of celebration and mass participation

Goriya Puja starts from the first day of Vaishakh month and continues for seven days. The puja ritual is performed in the morning, while dancing and cultural programs take place in the evening. People from the entire village participate together in this puja. Young children and old people all come together to make this festival memorable. 21 April 2024, Sunday

Festivals and Cultural Events

Many types of cultural programs are also organized during Goriya Puja. Some of the major ones are –

Bamboo Dance: In this dance young artists dance while playing bamboo sticks. This dance is a beautiful part of tribal culture.

Tribal Art Exhibition: At some places, during Goriya Puja, exhibition of artworks made by tribal artists is also organized.

Symbolism and Significance

Colors of Goriya Puja: A unique confluence of symbols and significance
Goriya Puja of Tripura is not only about dancing, singing and happiness, but also contains many types of symbols and deep meanings. Let us know about this today.

language of symbols

There are many symbols associated with Goriya Puja, which reflect the beliefs of the tribal community.

Bamboo Pole: The bamboo pole installed at the place of worship is considered a symbol of straightforwardness and connection with God.

Turmeric and Sindoor: Turmeric offered during puja is a symbol of auspiciousness and vermillion is a symbol of good luck.

Coconut: Coconut is considered a symbol of the universe. Offering coconut to Lord Goriya shows the reverence of the tribal community.

Spiritual Meaning

Goriya Puja is not only a harvest festival but also a medium to express gratitude towards nature. The tribal community believes that it is important to respect nature and make good use of it. Through Goriya Puja they want to get the blessings of Mother Earth and Lord Goriya.

Regional Variations

Goriya Puja is celebrated throughout the state of Tripura, but different regions have some special ways of celebrating it. For example –

North Tripura: Here Goriya Puja is known as “Buisu”. Traditional games are also played here during the puja.

South Tripura: In South Tripura, a dance called “Khowal” is performed during Goriya Puja. In this dance, women dance to the beat of the drum and sing songs.

Garia Puja

Unique Practices and Customs in different regions

In some areas, some unique traditions are also seen during Goriya Puja. For example –

Fire Walking: In some villages, people of tribal community follow the tradition of walking on hot ashes. It is believed that with this Lord Goriya protects them from evil powers.

Decorating Livestock: At some places villagers decorate their animals with colorful clothes and garlands. This shows their happiness and respect for animals.

Goriya Puja: Boom in popular culture
Till now we have learned about the history, traditions and importance of Goriya Puja. But do you know that this beautiful festival has made its place in popular culture as well. Let’s see how.

Depictions in Art, Literature, and Media

The joy of Goriya Puja is not limited to tribal communities only. Artists, writers and media have also depicted its beauty in their own ways.

Art: Many tribal artists of Tripura create paintings and artworks related to Goriya Puja. Puja rituals, dances and symbols are beautifully depicted in these artworks.

Literature: Some Tripuri language writers have mentioned Goriya Puja in their poems and stories. These works convey the richness of tribal culture to the readers.

Media: Nowadays Goriya Puja is also shown in local newspapers and TV channels. This gives people a chance to know about this unique festival.

Influence on Contemporary Art Forms

Goriya Puja not only inspires traditional art forms but also gives contemporary artists an opportunity to showcase their creativity. Some artists create artworks such as photography, sculpture and installation art on the theme of Goriya Puja.

In summary:

Goriya Puja is not just a harvest festival but a vibrant part of tribal culture. This festival teaches us to live in harmony with nature, respect traditions and celebrate happiness. Goriya Puja may not be fully integrated into popular culture yet, but it is certainly gaining attention.

Some important points:

Goriya Puja is being depicted in art, literature and media.
It inspires tribal artists to create their own artworks.
Contemporary artists are also making Goriya Puja the subject of their works.
Continuing Legacy of Garia Puja

Goriya Puja is a tradition that has been going on for centuries and it is hoped that this festival will remain alive for generations to come. It plays an important role in preserving the heritage of tribal culture., pub-1243806233075433, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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