Happy Teddy Day

Give ‘Teddy Day’ to Your Partner Through These Heart Touching Messages.

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Teddy Day Quotes : Valentine week is very special for couples. This week starting from Rose Day continues till 14th February. Today Teddy Day is celebrated on 10th February. On this day, you can gift your partner a lovely teddy bear, which can always make them feel close to you!

In such a situation, if you also want to send beautiful and romantic messages to your partner on the occasion of Teddy Day, then we have brought some selected messages for you.

1. This caravan of memories will always remain,
Even if we are apart, love will remain the same,
Sorry I can’t meet you but,
Rest assured that a teddy will definitely arrive every year.

2. Shadows of some feelings touch the heart,
Some scenes enter the heart,
Flowers bloom even in lifeless Gulshan,
When we find a teddy like you in life.

3. Nowadays we smile after seeing every teddy
How to tell them,
We only need each teddy
Only he is visible.

4. I am sending you a teddy bear with love,
Keep it with you always,
If you love me then send it too.
I also love a teddy bear.

5. If you were a teddy
So we would have kept you with us,
put it in your bag and carry it with you
He would hug me and make me sleep with him every night.

6. When you meet, control your desires
curtain with teddy bear in the middle
No matter how much you meet us, you don’t feel satisfied.
You promise to meet again tomorrow.

7. There is also a story about your friendship with me.
There is also a treasure of love in this
That’s why I want to ask you for a teddy bear
And today there is an excuse to ask.

8. Please keep this teddy of mine safe.
he loves you so much
whenever we are away from you
So this is what happens to you.

9. They know, yet they remain ignorant,
This is how they trouble us,
Ask us what you like,
Questions become answers themselves.

10. It’s the occasion of Teddy Day,
Then why have you stopped yourself,
Go and give the teddy to your friend
The style of this day is unique.

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