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Governor Rn Ravi Left Speech in Tamil Nadu Within One and a Half Minutes

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Agency, Chennai. In Tamil Nadu, there has once again been a dispute between the Governor and the state government. Governor RN Ravi refused to read the address given by the government in the Assembly today. The Governor gave a speech of about one and a half minutes and left the Assembly.

The Governor concluded his address after a short while and said that I disagree with the address prepared by the government and cannot read it further.

It happened for the first time ever in history

This is the first time in the history of Tamil Nadu Assembly that the Governor finished his traditional address to the House in just a few minutes. Governor RN Ravi said he disagreed with the government on the content of the address and criticized the DMK government for ‘not respecting’ the national anthem.
Angry at not respecting the national anthem

In his inaugural address in the House, the Governor said that his repeated requests and advice to show due respect to the national anthem and play it at the beginning and end of his address were ignored by the government. The House was convened by the government on February 12 for the traditional Governor’s address to the Assembly.

The governor said the address contained several messages with which ‘I clearly disagree on factual and moral grounds.’

finished the speech in no time

RN Ravi expressed his disagreement with the government after greeting Speaker M Appavu, Chief Minister MK Stalin and MLAs in Tamil and ended his speech within a few minutes.

Let us tell you that recently Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan also finished his traditional address in a few minutes and read only the last paragraph.

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