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Honda is giving bumper discount of up to Rs 1 lakh on its selected cars, City and Amaze included in the list.

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New Delhi, Honda Cars India is spreading warmth and joy this February with exciting news for car enthusiasts. Brace yourselves for a burst of happiness as the Japanese car manufacturer extends its generous embrace to all its models, showering discounts and delightful benefits. More Discount on Honda City and Amaze

Feel the thrill as Honda Cars India unveils discounts of up to Rs 1 lakh on selected models, with a special spotlight on its beloved flagship sedans – the City and Amaze. Picture yourself behind the wheel, cruising through the city streets with a smile on your face, knowing that the month of February brings with it exclusive savings.

This love affair with discounts reaches its peak with the Amaze and City models, where the magic unfolds. Honda is casting a spell of savings, offering an enchanting discount of up to Rs 1.11 lakh on the City sedan throughout February. Dive into a world of benefits, including a cash discount of Rs 25,000 or the option to adorn your City with accessories worth up to Rs 26,947 – a treat for those who appreciate the finer details.

For those considering a dance of exchange, Honda sweetens the deal with a car exchange bonus of up to Rs 15,000. But that’s not all – the company is orchestrating a symphony of discounts, including a customer loyalty bonus of Rs 4,000, a car exchange bonus of Rs 6,000, a corporate discount of Rs 5,000, and a special corporate discount of Rs 20,000.

If your City sedan is a creation of January or later, fear not, for Honda has tailored offerings just for you. Revel in a cash discount of up to Rs 15,000 or choose to enhance your driving experience with accessories worth Rs 16,296. And, of course, a car exchange bonus of Rs 10,000 awaits those ready to embark on a new journey.

As the love story continues, Honda extends its affection to the world of extended warranty. Feel the warmth of an incentive amounting to Rs 13,651 when opting for the extended warranty on the VX and ZX variants of the City. For those captivated by the Elegant variant, a special edition benefit of Rs 36,500 is a love letter from Honda.

But the saga doesn’t end there; it expands to the charismatic Honda Amaze sub-compact sedan. Here, discounts beckon, reaching up to Rs 92,000 on the Dezire, a worthy competitor to the Tigor, until the month bids adieu. Dive into a pool of benefits, with flat discounts of up to Rs 27,000 on all variants, creating ripples of excitement.

For the Amaze models that graced the roads last year, Honda extends its hand with a discount of up to Rs 36,346. The S variants, born before January, are treated to either a cash discount of Rs 30,000 or the option to accessorize with free treasures worth Rs 36,346. The E variant joins the celebration with a cash discount of Rs 10,000, accompanied by accessories worth Rs 12,349.

The VX variant and Elite edition are not forgotten; they receive a bounty of Rs 20,000 as a cash discount or an invitation to embellish with accessories worth Rs 24,346. The S variant of Amaze, born in the new year, is granted a cash discount of up to Rs 20,000 or the allure of accessories worth Rs 24,346. The remaining variants of the sedan find joy in a cash discount of Rs 10,000 or the equivalent in free accessories.

For those welcoming a new Amaze into their lives this year, Honda’s generosity shines with a car exchange benefit of Rs 10,000. The Elite Edition of Amaze, with its distinct charm, receives a car exchange bonus of Rs 10,000, coupled with a special edition discount of up to Rs 30,000 – a token of appreciation for those seeking a touch of exclusivity.

So, as February unfolds, let the warmth of Honda’s generosity wrap around you like a comforting embrace, making every journey an experience filled with joy, savings, and a touch of human connection.

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