How To start Laptop without Power

How To Start Laptop Without Power Button Step By Step

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If your laptop’s power button is not working, you can still turn on the laptop using alternative methods. Here are some ways to do it:

Use the Assistive Touch feature (for Windows laptops):

On some Windows laptops, there is a feature called Assistive Touch that allows you to perform various tasks without using physical buttons.

Press the Windows key on your keyboard or use the on-screen keyboard to navigate to the Start menu.
Look for the power icon and choose the restart or shutdown option.
Connect external peripherals:

If your laptop is connected to an external mouse and keyboard, you may be able to use them to navigate and initiate a restart or shutdown.
Connect an external keyboard and mouse to your laptop and use them to navigate through and restart the operating system.

Use the laptop’s function keys:

Some laptops have a dedicated button or function key (Fn) that can be used to turn on or restart the laptop.
Find a symbol on your keyboard that looks like a power button or contains “PWR” or similar letters.
Press and hold the corresponding function key along with the Fn key to see if it triggers the power-on or restart process.

Remove and reconnect the battery (if applicable):

If you have a removable battery, you can try removing and reconnecting it.
After reconnecting the battery, plug in the power adapter and turn on the laptop.
Scheduled Tasks (for Windows):

If you have access to another computer on the same network and your laptop is set to allow remote access, you may be able to restart through Task Scheduler.

Remember that these methods may vary depending on your laptop model and operating system. If your laptop is still under warranty or if you are unsure how to perform these steps, it is recommended to contact the laptop manufacturer’s support for assistance. Additionally, if the power button issue persists, consider seeking professional help.

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