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If You are Facing Problem in Smartphone Charging Then Follow These Tips

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How to Fix Smartphone Charging Issue: Nowadays smartphones have become an integral part of people’s lives. People use it for things like talking, sending messages, listening to songs, watching videos or movies. Besides, with its help people also do their other important work like booking tickets online, making online bill payments etc. The smartphone can be used only when it is charged.

Many times many problems arise while charging the smartphone. People fear that the battery of the phone has gone bad and they take the phone to the service center. But there can be many other reasons for this, which you can cure at home. Let us tell you about these in detail.
We tell you some tips by which you can fix the problems arising in smartphone charging at home.

1. Check the charger and cable

If you are facing charging problem in your smartphone then it may be due to the charger and cable. For this, first of all you have to ensure that your charger and cable are working properly. If the charger or cable is bad then it can cause problems in charging your smartphone.

2. Check the charging port

Many times dust or dirt gets accumulated in the charging port, due to which the smartphone does not charge. In such a situation, people think that there is a problem with the phone’s battery and go to the service center. You can clean the charging port at home itself. You can use a dry cloth to clean the charging port.

3. Change charging point

Sometimes there is a problem with the charging point, due to which the smartphone does not charge. If you are using the same charging point and are facing problems again and again, then you should use another charging point.

4. Turn off the phone and charge it

When you turn off the phone and charge it, it charges faster. This happens because when the phone is off, the battery is not being used by any app or service.

5. Update the phone

Many times there is a software problem in the phone, due to which there is a problem in charging. This problem can be solved by updating the phone. Its user is asked to update the phone. This type of problem can be fixed by updating the phone.

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