Islamic Baby Girl Names from Quran

Islamic Baby Girl Names from Quran

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Here are some Islamic baby girl names that are mentioned in the Quran:

  1. Aisha: Alive, living.
  2. Maryam: Arabic form of Mary, the mother of Prophet Isa (Jesus).
  3. Fatima: Captivating, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad.
  4. Khadija: Wife of Prophet Muhammad.
  5. Zainab: Generous, daughter of Prophet Muhammad.
  6. Hafsa: Guardian, wife of Prophet Muhammad.
  7. Safiya: Pure, wife of Prophet Muhammad.
  8. Amina: Trustworthy, mother of Prophet Muhammad.
  9. Asiya: The wife of Pharaoh who raised Prophet Musa (Moses).
  10. Mariyah: A variant of Maryam.
  11. Sumayyah: The first martyr of Islam.
  12. Rukayyah: Daughter of Prophet Muhammad.
  13. Sana: Resplendence, brilliance.
  14. Layla: Night, dark beauty.
  15. Hawwa: Eve, the wife of Prophet Adam.
  16. Rahma: Mercy, compassion.
  17. Naima: Comfort, tranquility.
  18. Soraya: The Pleiades, a constellation of stars.
  19. Zahra: Radiant, shining.
  20. Maimuna: Auspicious, blessed.

These names are not only beautiful but also carry significant meanings. It’s important to note that the pronunciation and spelling of these names may vary due to different transliterations from Arabic to other languages. Additionally, consulting with religious scholars or knowledgeable individuals can provide further guidance on the meanings and appropriateness of names in Islamic tradition.

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