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Jayant’s Deal With BJP Confirmed, Two More From Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

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New Delhi. After Bihar and Bengal, the opposition alliance is going to face a huge blow in Uttar Pradesh also. The distance between Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) and Samajwadi Party (SP) has increased. RLD’s new friendship is going to be with BJP.

RLD President Jayant Chaudhary’s talks with the top leadership of BJP have progressed. The conditions have also almost been decided.
The process of talks between RLD and BJP is dragging on for a long time
BJP has offered two Lok Sabha seats and one Rajya Sabha seat to RLD. Sources claim that it will be announced in a day or two.

Out at zero in two consecutive Lok Sabha elections, RLD was expecting four seats from BJP, which is not acceptable to BJP. That is why the process of talks is taking a bit longer, but a source associated with RLD says that in the last round of talks, the leadership of both the parties are moving towards a consensus.

BJP promised to give cabinet rank ministers to RLD

BJP has proposed to give two Lok Sabha seats to RLD from western Uttar Pradesh, which is Jat dominated. The matter is stuck on the third seat. If the top leadership of BJP agrees, then the third seat can be any one of Nagina, Sambhal, Amroha and Mathura. BJP has also promised to give a cabinet rank ministerial post to RLD if it comes to power at the Centre.

BJP talked about giving so many seats

In the initial phase, Jayant Chaudhary had expected Saharanpur, Baghpat, Bijnor and Mathura from BJP. There was also a demand for Dalit-Muslim equation in Nagina, Sambhal and Amroha. The matter moved forward. But when BJP refused, Jayant settled at three.

The matter was put to rest by BJP offering two Lok Sabha seats and one Rajya Sabha seat. There came a time when it seemed that things had gone wrong, but then, bypassing the announced channels and big names, confidants from both sides were deployed in the campaign.

BJP’s eye on Western UP

Apart from the two Jat-dominated Lok Sabha seats in Western UP, Jayant, who is pushing for one each in Sambhal, Nagina and Amroha, argues that the BJP had to face defeat in the last elections on these seats, where RLD has its base. Therefore, if these seats come to RLD’s share then NDA’s victory will be confirmed. In this way the Dalit-Muslim equation of RLD will also be solved.

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