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Khandala: A Picture-Perfect Escape Packed with Kid-Friendly Fun

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Planning a family getaway to Maharashtra? Look no further than the charming hill station of Khandala. Nestled amidst the Western Ghats, Khandala offers breathtaking scenery, pleasant weather, and a plethora of activities that will keep your little ones entertained throughout your trip.

So, ditch the usual routine and pack your bags for an adventure in Khandala! Here are 10 must-try, kid-friendly activities that will make your family vacation truly unforgettable:

Top 10 Kids-Friendly Activities To Do In Khandala, Maharashtra

Unwinding in Nature’s Embrace

  1. Carving Memories at Khandala Point: Kick off your Khandala adventure with a visit to Khandala Point. This scenic viewpoint offers panoramic vistas of the valley below, carpeted in lush greenery during the monsoon. Take in the fresh mountain air, have a picnic lunch with a view, and capture some breathtaking family photos.
  2. Exploring Karla Caves: Embark on a historical adventure at the Karla Caves. These ancient Buddhist cave temples, dating back to the 2nd century BC, are a marvel of Indian architecture. Let your children’s imaginations run wild as you explore the intricate carvings and learn about the history of Buddhism.
  3. Boating Bliss at Echo Point: Head to Echo Point, a scenic spot known for its natural echo phenomenon. Rent paddleboats and glide across the tranquil lake, enjoying the peace and quiet amidst nature. Challenge your kids to a friendly race or simply relax and soak in the stunning surroundings.

Unleashing the Thrill Seeker Within

  1. Ziplining Adventures at Della Adventure Park: For a dose of adrenaline, take your family to the Della Adventure Park. This sprawling amusement park offers a variety of activities, including ziplining! Witness the thrill on your children’s faces as they soar through the air, enjoying breathtaking views of the Khandala valley.
  2. Horse Riding Through Scenic Trails: Imagine your children’s delight as they embark on a horse riding expedition through the scenic trails of Khandala. Many resorts offer horse riding packages, allowing your little ones to experience the joy of connecting with these majestic animals amidst the picturesque landscape.
  3. Go Karting for Family Fun: Get your hearts racing with some friendly competition at a go-karting track. Khandala has several options to choose from, offering a safe and exciting environment for kids of all ages to test their driving skills (of course, within controlled limits!).

Creative Explorations and Entertainment

  1. Clay Modeling Workshops: Unleash your family’s inner artist at a clay modeling workshop. Many resorts and activity centers offer these workshops, where kids can get creative and mold their imaginations into clay masterpieces. It’s a fun and educational experience that allows them to take home a unique souvenir.
  2. Puppet Show Extravaganza: Treat your children to a traditional puppet show. These colorful and vibrant performances are a delightful way to introduce them to Indian storytelling and keep them captivated throughout the show.

Relaxing by the Pool

  1. Splashing Fun at the Resort Pool: After a day of exploring, unwind and have some family fun at your resort’s swimming pool. Most resorts in Khandala boast sparkling pools, perfect for splashing around, playing games, and creating lasting memories with your loved ones.
  2. Movie Nights Under the Stars: End your day with a cozy movie night under the stars. Many resorts organize movie screenings outdoors, allowing you to snuggle up with your family and enjoy a movie under the clear night sky.

Khandala offers a perfect blend of nature, adventure, and relaxation, making it an ideal destination for a family vacation. So, pack your bags, embrace the spirit of adventure, and get ready to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones in the picturesque hills of Khandala!

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