Mashik Shivratri

Maha Shivaratri: Revering Shiva in Hinduism through Puja on Feb 8- Muhurta

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Today’s date is February 08, 2024, Thursday. As part of our shared human experience, let’s explore the significance of this day across various cultural calendars.

According to the Indian national calendar, today marks Pausa 28 in the year Sakasamvat 1945 (Sobhakrit). In alignment with the Hindu lunar calendar, it corresponds to Magha 14, 2080 (Purnimanta) and Pausa 28, 2080 (Amanta).

In terms of the Hindu panchang, the Tithi for today is Krishna Paksha Trayodashi until 11:17 AM, followed by Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi. The Nakshatra prevailing today is Uttara Ashadha.

Throughout the day, different Karanas influence our energies: Vanija until 11:17 AM, followed by Vishti until 09:43 PM, and then Shakuni.

Inauspicious timings remind us to tread carefully: Rahu Kaal stretches from 02:04 PM to 03:27 PM, with Yamaganda from 07:07 AM to 08:31 AM, Gulika from 09:54 AM to 11:17 AM. Durmuhurtam periods to avoid are from 10:49 AM to 11:34 AM and 03:16 PM to 04:01 PM.

Yet, amidst these cautionary moments, auspicious timings shine: Brahma Muhurat blesses us from 05:31 AM to 06:19 AM, Abhijit Muhurat from 12:18 PM to 01:03 PM, and Amrit Kaal from 08:28 PM to 09:55 PM.

Choghadiya Timings offer favorable windows: Labh from 12:41 PM to 02:04 PM, Amrut from 02:04 PM to 03:27 PM, and Amrut again from 06:14 PM to 07:51 PM.

For those curious about celestial movements, the Moon resides in Dhanu rasi until 10:04 AM before transitioning to Makara rasi. The Sun also graces Makara rasi.

Lastly, a reminder that the next Amavasya awaits us just one day ahead, marking a new lunar phase.

In our journey through time and space, let’s cherish the interconnectedness of our diverse traditions and the rhythms of the universe.

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