Nagaland State Lottery
Nagaland State Lottery

Nagaland Lottery Sambad Result Winners List 12.06.2024 Result LIVE

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In Nagaland State , whether it is a grandfather reading newspaper with morning tea or a youngster chatting in the office canteen, everyone has the same question on their lips – “Has today’s number come out?” Yes, the Nagaland State Sambad Lottery adds a tinge of excitement to the lives of the people here.

Nagaland State Sambad Lottery 12-06-2024 LIVE 1PM

Nagaland State Sambad Lottery 12June 2024
Nagaland State Sambad Lottery

Nagaland State Sambad Lottery 12-06-2024 LIVE 6PM

Nagaland State Sambad Lottery 12-06-2024 LIVE 8PM

Nagaland Sambad State Lottery Result

A Hope Every Day: Nagaland Lottery is not played just once a week, but every day throughout the week. The lottery results are announced at three different times, from “Dear 1 o’clock” to “Dear 8 o’clock”. This means that people have a new opportunity to try their luck every day.

Discussions at the Tea Stall: While buying a Nagaland lottery ticket, everyone chooses their numbers, some on the basis of their birthday, some on the basis of a dream. As the evening falls, the tea stalls become busy. While listening to the lottery results on the radio, everyone is eager to know “Did my number come?”

Celebration of Joy, Patience in Disappointment: When someone’s number comes out, there is no limit to happiness. The behavior is the same as at the tea shop, but this time songs of joy are sung. On the other hand, if the number does not come, then there is a little disappointment, but people do not lose courage. They say “Tomorrow is here!” Patna Temperature on

Play Responsibly: This is the fun of playing the lottery, but it is also important to play it responsibly. Invest only the money that you are ready to lose. Do not consider the lottery as a way to become rich, rather consider it as a means to bring excitement in life sometimes.

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Nagaland State Lottery 12-06-2024 Prize Money Details

1st Prize: Rs 1 Crore

2nd Prize: Rs. 9,000

3rd Prize: Rs. 450

4th Prize: Rs. 250

5th Prize: Rs. 120

Consolation Prize: Rs. 1,000

How To Check Online Nagaland Sambad State Lottery Result 12-06-2024

Go to Official websites

Step 1: Go to the Nagaland Lotteries official website at or or

Step 2: Click the Lottery Sambad Result Button.

Step 3: Find Dear Lottery and Draw Date: 09.06.2024.

Step 4: Click the Today Result View link.

Step 5: Check your lottery result whether won or defeat.

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