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Ngada Festival Nagaland 2024: Tradition, Rituals, and Cultural Celebrations

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Nagaland not only has beautiful hills on its land, but its culture is equally colorful. Many festivals are celebrated every year, one of which is Ngada Festival Nagaland

Introduction to Ngada Festival

The Seed Was Sown in the Field of Tradition

The exact beginning of the Ngada festival is not known, but it is believed that it has been going on for centuries. This festival is mainly celebrated by the Zeliang community, which is one of the major Naga castes of Nagaland. It is said that this festival was started to celebrate happiness after harvesting the crops. Gradually this festival became the identity of the Zeliang community and today it is a symbol of their prosperity and happiness.

Celebration of Nature and Harvest

The Ngada Festival is not just an occasion of celebration for the Zeliang community, but it is also a celebration of nature and harvest. The people of the Zeliang community respect nature a lot and consider the harvest as a blessing of Mother Earth. Therefore, through the Engada festival, they thank nature and seek blessings for a good harvest. Also Check :- Nagaland State Lotteries Result Live

A Fusion of Traditional Practices

The Ngada festival lasts for three days, and many types of programs take place during these three days. Let’s take a look at these programs:

First Day: Puja and Rituals
On the first day, the people of the Zeliang community dress up in their traditional costumes and perform puja. They thank the harvest god and pray for a good harvest next year.

Second and Third Day: Dance, Music and Celebration
The true colors of the Ngada Festival can be seen on the second and third day. The villagers dance and sing to the beats of drums. The youth dance with traditional weapons, which is a display of their bravery. Apart from this, the tune of traditional music and folk songs forces everyone to dance. During the Ngada Festival, various types of delicious dishes are also prepared and people eat together.

The Ngada Festival is not only about dancing and singing, but also gives a glimpse of the culture of the Zeliang community. This Ngada Festival preserves the traditions passed down from generation to generation and strengthens the unity of the Zeliang community. So the next time you visit Nagaland, try to reach there during the Ngada Festival. By becoming a part of this colorful festival, you will not only get to know the culture of the Zeliang community closely, but will also be able to join in their happiness!

Preparation for Ngada Festival

Ngada Festival
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Even before the excitement of Ngada festival sets in, a special bustle begins in the village. Elders tell stories, children enthusiastically practice singing and dancing and women in every house get busy preparing traditional dishes. The atmosphere of the village is filled with happiness and it seems as if every heart is ready to be painted in the color of Ngada. Also Check :- Nagaland State Lotteries Result Live

Following Traditional Practices

There are some special preparations related to the Ngada festival, which have been going on for years. Let’s take a look at some of these: Also Check :- Nagaland State Lotteries Result Live

Special Focus on Cleanliness

Before the Ngada festival, every corner of the village is cleaned. The youth gather together and clean the roads, the elders prune the trees and plants and special attention is paid to cleanliness in every house. It is said that only in a clean environment the gods and goddesses are happy and the happiness of the Ngada festival doubles.

Preparation of Traditional Attire
Dancing and singing is an important part of the Ngada festival. Therefore, women take out colourful clothes before the festival. They do beautiful embroidery on these clothes and polish the traditional jewellery. Men also prepare their warrior costumes so that they can go out in full glory on the day of the Ngada festival.

Decorating Homes:
As the festival approaches, every house is decorated with rangoli. Garlands of flowers are put on the doors and houses are decorated with banana leaves. Every house tries to make their house look the most beautiful.

The Aroma of Traditional Dishes
During the Ngada festival, the aroma of delicious dishes spreads in every house. Women together prepare recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Rice dishes, non-vegetarian dishes and various types of sweets are made. This Ngada festival is not only a celebration of happiness but also of taste.

Key Events During Ngada Festival

The Ngada festival lasts for three days, and each day is special in its own way. Today we will take you on a tour of the main events of these three days, where you will get to see dance, songs, traditional rituals and lots of happiness. Also Check :- Nagaland State Lotteries Result Live

Day One: Welcoming Blessings and Celebrations

An Auspicious Beginning in the Morning:
On the morning of the first day, the elders of the village gather for worship. They offer coconut, flowers and grains to the crop god and seek blessings for a good harvest. The Ngada festival is considered to begin only after this worship.

Dance at the Doorstep:
After the puja is over, there is a fair of happiness in the village. Women gather outside every house and perform traditional dance. During this, men also accompany them on the beat of the drum. The atmosphere of the village resonates with dance and songs and it seems as if happiness has crossed the threshold of every house.

Second and Third Day: Dancing Village, Singing Sky

A Dazzling Display of Traditional Attire
The Ngada festival is at its peak on the second and third day. The villagers come out wearing their colourful traditional clothes. Women have a net of jewellery on their heads, while men have swords shining in their hands. Seeing this scene, it seems as if the pages of history have come alive.

Dance of Valour and Songs of Love:
On both these days of the Ngada festival, as soon as the evening falls, a large field is decorated in the middle of the village. Dancing and singing continues till late night in this field. The youth perform war dances to the beat of drums, which is a display of their bravery. On the other hand, women sing beautiful traditional songs, which reflect love, happiness and hope for harvest. These songs and dances not only entertain, but also tell the stories of the Zeliang community.

Offering and Prayers:
There are some special rituals during the Ngada festival. One of the important rituals is sacrifice. The crop god is appeased by sacrificing selected animals and prayers are offered for a good harvest. Apart from this, the elders of the village chant special mantras to please the gods and goddesses.

Traditional Attire and Accessories

Ngada Festival
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The charm of Nagaland’s Ngada festival is enhanced not only by dance and song, but also by the colorful attire and delicious food. Today we will tell you about the special clothes and jewelry worn during the Ngada festival, as well as discuss those delicious dishes, whose fragrance spreads throughout the village.

Attire that Tells Stories

During the Ngada festival, the people of the Zeliang community dress up in their traditional attire. Looking at these clothes, it seems as if the stories and traditions of the Zeliang community have come alive. Also Check :- Nagaland State Lotteries Result Live

Women’s Alluring Attire:
During the Ngada festival, women wear colorful clothes, which they weave themselves. Beautiful embroidery is done on these clothes, which is inspired by nature, flowers and birds. Some women wear black and red colored dhoti from head to toe, which is called ‘Tharanghtho’. They wear a hat made of colorful cloth on their head, which is called ‘Apuen Thingenu’. Apart from this, they decorate themselves with lots of beads, necklaces and bracelets.

Men’s Magnificent Attire:
Men are also not left behind in the Ngada festival. They wear black or dark blue dhoti, which is called ‘Rih’. Some youths also wear striped clothes. They wear jewelry made of animal skin on their chest, which symbolizes their bravery. Apart from this, they decorate the head with colorful feathers and tie a sword on the waist. This entire outfit reflects their power and courage.

Jewelry that Enhances Beauty

In the Ngada festival, not only the clothes are colorful, but the jewelry also spreads its beauty.

Women’s Captivating Ornaments:
Women wear jewelry made of colorful beads in their hair. They wear big earrings and necklaces around their neck. Apart from pearls, shells and bones are also used in these necklaces. Bangles on the wrists and rings on the hands add to their beauty.

Men’s Splendid Jewelry:
Men wear jewellery made of pearls and stones in their waistbands, necklaces and wrists. Some people also wear jewellery made of bones and animal teeth. These jewellery not only enhance their beauty but also reveal their social status. Also Check :- Nagaland State Lotteries Result Live

The Fragrance of the Festival, Story of Delicious Food

Food also has a special significance during the Ngada festival. The women of the village prepare traditional dishes together,

Social and Community Aspects

The charm of Nagaland’s Ngada festival is enhanced not only by colourful clothes and delicious food, but also by the strong social and community bonds here. Today we will tell you about the role of families, elders and community engagement during the Ngada festival. Also, we will see how this festival is adapting itself in the era of modernity.

Family: The Music of Happiness, Strings of Tradition

Families play an important role in the Ngada festival. Children practice dancing and singing, the youth get busy with the preparations for the festival and the elders make the atmosphere happy by telling stories and giving blessings. Every household cooks food together and shares happiness by visiting each other’s house. This Ngada festival brings families closer and teaches to cherish the traditions that have been going on from generation to generation. Also Check :- Nagaland State Lotteries Result Live

Elders: Source of Knowledge, Guardians of the Festival

During the Ngada festival, the elders of the village are given special respect. They are the ones who know the customs and traditions associated with the Ngada festival. They help the youth learn dance, conduct prayers and tell stories about the history of the festival. Their presence keeps the festival’s authenticity intact and the younger generation stays connected to its roots.

Community: Strength in Unity, Sharing Happiness

The Ngada festival is not just a family celebration, but a collective event of the entire village. Every member of every household participates in the preparations of the Ngada festival in some form or the other. Some do the cleaning, some cook food, while some practice dancing and singing. During this time, there is an atmosphere of unity in the village and everyone is ready to help each other. The Ngada festival shows that happiness doubles only when shared.

Touch of Modernity, Essence of Tradition

Although the Ngada festival is centuries old, some changes have also come in it with time. Nowadays, the youth also dance to the tunes of DJ and wear traditional jewelry along with modern clothes. But, these changes strengthen the tradition instead of weakening it. Just as new songs are sung along with old songs, similarly the Ngada festival is also moving in sync with modernity.

Tourism and Ngada: Welcoming Guests, Showcasing Culture

Nowadays tourism is increasing in Nagaland, which has also affected the Ngada festival. Now some villages also welcome guests during the festival. This not only increases the income of the villagers, but also gives an opportunity to spread their culture to the outside world. Tourists see the splendor of the Ngada festival.

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