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This Statement of Chanakya Niti is True and Correct.

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Chanakya Niti : Acharya Chanakya was a political guru of the Maurya dynasty. Chanakya is mainly famous as a philosophical guru, political expert, great economist and diplomat of ethics. Chanakya has told many things in his policy regarding life, business, social life, moral conduct, economy etc., following which a person’s life becomes pleasant and successful.

Let us tell you that Chanakya’s name was Vishnugupta and his father’s name was Chanak. He was called Chanakya because of his father’s name. Acharya Chanakya was also the General Secretary, Guru and founder of Chandragupta March. The policy made by Chanakya based on his principles is quite accurate even today. Let us know what Chanakya says in his policy regarding money.

अपर्जितानां विथनानां त्याग एव हि रक्षनाम्.
Tadagodar Sansthanam Parisrava Evambhasam.

Through this verse, Chanakya says about money that money is a thing to be used. Therefore it should be spent from time to time. Spending money in balanced amounts protects money. Comparing money with water, Chanakya says that just as water kept in a vessel gets spoiled if it is not used. Similarly, if money is not used, its value also disappears. Accumulating more money than necessary is not beneficial. If you have excess money, invest it in charitable works.

Do not tell your earnings to anyone: You should never tell your entire earnings to anyone. Apart from this, if you suffer any loss due to any transaction in future, then do not tell that to anyone. Always keep these things a secret, no matter how close someone is to you. Sharing these things not only causes financial loss but also hurts the reputation and makes the person surrounded by sorrows.

Keep needs limited: To never face any problem regarding money, maintain a proper balance in spending money, spend money very thoughtfully and only for needs. People who spend money for security, charity and investment live their life in the right way.

What kind of money is good: Some people see money only as money. But Chanakya says that only wealth is good which is earned through hard work. If a lot of money is earned by doing unethical work then it does not last. Such money will have to be paid later in some form or the other.

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