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Unsettling Coincidence Unfolding After 30 Years: Prepare for a Profound Impact on Your Life

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Mangal And Shani Yuti:

According to Vedic astrology, every planet transits at a certain time. Its auspicious and inauspicious effects can be seen on the lives of all zodiac signs.

Let us tell you that from time to time the planets move among their friends and enemies, the effect of which is visible from the country and the world to human life. Let us tell you that Saturn is currently sitting in Aquarius and on March 15, Mars will also enter Aquarius.

Due to the presence of Saturn and Mars together in Aquarius, a dangerous combination of both the planets is going to be formed. Let us tell you that this conjunction will form after 30 years, due to which the difficulties of some zodiac signs are going to increase. In such a situation, these people may suffer financial loss. Know which zodiac signs will have to be careful during this period.

According to astrology, the conjunction of Saturn and Mars can prove harmful for Scorpio people. Let us tell you that this combination is going to happen in the fourth house from your zodiac sign. In such a situation, your financial condition may worsen.

There will be a decline in health at this time. Avoid starting any new work during this period. At the same time, no changes can be made in career and business. At this time, relations with mother may turn sour. People of this zodiac sign are being affected by Sade Sati of Saturn, hence be especially careful about their health.

Cancer zodiac sign

Let us tell you that the conjunction of these two planets is going to prove unfavorable for the people of Cancer zodiac sign. Let us tell you that this conjunction is going to be formed in the eighth house of your zodiac sign. In such a situation, you may have some hidden disease.

Some old disease may emerge. Not only this, you will suffer financial loss at this time. According to astrology some accident may occur.

If you are thinking of investing somewhere now, then be careful now. There are chances of financial loss. Let us tell you that people with Cancer zodiac sign are also under influence of Saturn. In such a situation, you may face mental stress. In such a situation, you are advised not to get angry at this time.


The combination of Mars and Saturn can prove harmful for you. Let us tell you that this conjunction is going to be formed in the 12th house of your transit horoscope. In such a situation, some false accusation may be made against you at this time.

Also, money will be spent on some unnecessary expenses. Not only this, you may have some debt at this time. At the same time, you may be stressed over some issue.

Talking about business, some problems may arise. You may have to face financial loss. The money lent at this time may be lost, hence avoid lending at this time. Health may deteriorate. Don’t be careless.

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