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Uttarakhand Ensures No Child Will Be Labeled ‘Illegitimate’

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Uttarakhand UCC Bill: A Step Towards Equality and Progress

In a significant move towards social equality, the Uttarakhand government has introduced the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Bill, aiming to eradicate outdated distinctions and promote fairness. Led by former Supreme Court judge Ranjana Prakash Desai, this comprehensive code is poised to become law, heralding a transformative shift in the state’s societal landscape.

An End to Discrimination

One of the pivotal provisions of the UCC Bill is the elimination of the archaic categorization of children as ‘legitimate’ or ‘illegitimate’. Irrespective of their religious background, the Bill ensures that children born through adoption, surrogacy, or assisted reproductive technologies are accorded equal status alongside biological children.

Ensuring Property Rights

Addressing a longstanding injustice, the Uttarakhand government has enshrined provisions in the UCC Bill to guarantee equal inheritance rights for both sons and daughters in ancestral property. This provision rectifies the historical denial of property rights to daughters, marking a significant stride towards gender equality.

Mandatory Registration of Live-in Relationships

Uttarakhand is set to pioneer the mandatory registration of live-in relationships, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering transparency and legal recognition. Notably, individuals below the age of 21 seeking to enter into such arrangements must obtain consent from their parents. Any falsification during registration carries penalties, underscoring the importance of integrity in legal proceedings.

Streamlining Divorce Procedures

The UCC Bill endeavors to streamline divorce procedures by harmonizing laws across different religious communities. Polygamy is unequivocally abolished, and uniform divorce protocols are established for women of all faiths. Notably, discriminatory practices like Halala and Iddat, prevalent in Islamic law, are proscribed, marking a significant step towards gender justice and equality under the law.

In embracing the Uniform Civil Code, Uttarakhand emerges as a trailblazer, setting a precedent for progressive legal reforms aimed at fostering inclusivity, equality, and social harmony.

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