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Violence Erupts in Haldwani Amidst Mosque and Madrasa Dispute

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Haldwani: Violence erupted following actions taken against an illegal mosque and madrasa constructed in Vanbhoolpura of Haldwani. On Thursday evening, a mob from the Muslim community attacked not only the administration and police but also members of the media. Tragically, the violence has resulted in the loss of four lives, with over 100 individuals sustaining injuries, who have since been admitted to the local hospital.

The Uttarakhand ADG Law and Order AP Anshuman confirmed the casualties, stating that four individuals have lost their lives, while over a hundred policemen have been injured in the violence-stricken area of Banbhulpura in Haldwani.

Following this incident, the entire state is on high alert, with authorities closely monitoring every corner. The mob has caused significant damage to vehicles in the affected area.

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In response to the escalating situation, a curfew has been enforced in Banbhulpura under the orders of the District Magistrate. The violence erupted during a campaign to remove encroachments, leading to clashes between law enforcement and unruly elements.

Both police and administrative personnel have suffered injuries, prompting the deployment of additional police units and central forces. Authorities have appealed for peace, emphasizing the importance of maintaining order, and stringent measures have been mandated against rioters and troublemakers.

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According to official sources, orders have been issued to use force, if necessary, to control the situation. Consequently, internet services have been suspended across the district, and all schools up to the 12th grade have been shuttered. A state-wide police alert has been issued, with particular focus on sensitive areas to prevent further escalation of the unrest.

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