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Vivo T3X 5G
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Vivo T3x 5G Chipset and More Details

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Vivo T3x 5G is made for you! The powerful 6000mAh battery will support you throughout the day, double the entertainment fun on 120Hz display and lightning speed internet with 5G speed. The camera is also good and has a lot of features. The price is also such that it will not disturb the budget.

1. Introduction to Vivo T3X 5G

1.1 Poora Paisa Wasool
Vivo T3x 5G has been specially designed keeping in mind those users who are looking for a smartphone which has all the necessary features along with strong performance. This phone will neither feel too heavy in your hands nor will its price spoil your budget. In simple words, Vivo T3x 5G is a value for money smartphone.

1.2 Fast speed and brilliant display
In today’s time when everything is running at high-speed, how can even the phone lag behind! Vivo T3x 5G gives you the facility of 5G network, so that you can enjoy internet browsing, gaming and video calling at superfast speed. Also, this phone has a large 6.72 inch display, which comes with 120Hz refresh rate. Now whether you play games or watch a movie, this smooth and crisp display will make your viewing experience great.

1.3 Stylish and Strong
The special thing about Vivo T3x 5G is its design. This phone is smooth and slim from behind, which looks quite stylish. Also, its body is made of strong material, which assures that this phone is also durable. However, if you want to be more safe then it is always better to use a phone cover.

Specifications of Vivo T3x 5G

2.1 Speed of work
Well, like most mid-range phones, Vivo T3x 5G also has Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 processor. This processor is powerful enough to handle everyday tasks. You can easily do tasks like gaming, multitasking and video editing on this phone. However, if you are fond of doing very high-end gaming, then this phone may be a little slow for you.

2.2 Eye-pleasing display
As we already mentioned, the display of Vivo T3x 5G is one of the biggest features of this phone. The large 6.72 inch display will give you a great experience in watching series and movies. Also, due to the 120Hz refresh rate, scrolling and gaming on the screen becomes quite smooth. Now you can move your finger on the display without any interruption and things will appear faster.

2.3 Capture memories in camera
Vivo T3x 5G has a dual camera system at the back. In this, the main camera is of 50MP and the second camera is for depth sensor. This phone not only captures great photos, it also performs very well in portrait mode. However, some noise may occur while taking pictures in low light. The front camera is 8MP, which is enough for video calling and selfies.

2.4 All day companion, powerful battery
If you are one of those people who do not want to worry about the battery draining while using the phone, then Vivo T3x 5G can prove to be a good option for you. This phone has a powerful battery of 6000mAh, which lasts easily throughout the day. Besides, this phone also supports 44W fast charging. So even if the battery ever gets low, it can be charged quickly.

2.5 High-speed connectivity
As the name suggests, Vivo T3x 5G supports 5G networks. This means that you can enjoy internet browsing, gaming and video streaming at superfast speeds. Apart from this, this phone also comes with all the necessary connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

2.6 Storage and RAM
Vivo T3x 5G storage variants – 4GB RAM + 128GB

Vivo T3X 5G
Gadgets 360

3. Performance

3.1 Speed is good, but there is a limit
Vivo T3x 5G has Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 processor. This processor is powerful enough to perform everyday tasks. You can easily run WhatsApp, do web browsing and watch YouTube videos on this phone. Sometimes high-graphics games can also be played, but very heavy games may run a little slowly on it. Therefore, if you are very fond of gaming then this phone may not be the best option for you. But if you do light gaming then it will work well for you.

3.2 Multitasking
Even if you are one of those people who run many apps simultaneously and keep doing multitasking, this phone will not disappoint you. The 4GB or 6GB RAM given in it will give you smooth multitasking experience. You can easily switch multiple apps at the same time and things will open at fast speed. However, if you buy the variant with 8GB RAM, the performance will be even better.

3.3 Gaming fun, a little lacking
As we said, this phone may be a little weak for very high-end gaming. If you play games with high-graphics like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty, you may face frame drops sometimes. But if you play light games, then this phone will work well for you. Touch response is also fine during gaming and you will not face any special problem. But keep in mind, for gaming, you will have to play by reducing the graphics settings a little.

4. Camera Features

4.1 dual camera to four
Vivo T3x 5G has a dual camera system at the back. It may not be a triple or quad camera system, but it does its job well. The main camera is 50MP which takes great and detailed pictures in good light. Also, the second camera present in it works as a depth sensor, which helps in blurring the background in portrait mode. However, there may be some noise in low light, but with the help of Night Mode, you can improve night photos to a great extent.

4.2 Selfie flavor
The front camera in Vivo T3x 5G is 8MP. This is enough for taking selfies and video calling. You can take good selfies with this in good light. Besides, this camera also comes with beauty mode, which can make you more beautiful by reducing the blemishes and spots on the face. But keep in mind that applying too much beauty mode will not make your photos look real.

4.3 Lots of fun features
The cameras of Vivo T3x 5G not only take good photos, but also come with many interesting features. It has many features like portrait mode, night mode, panorama mode, slow motion video recording. You can create creative photos and videos using these features. So this camera gives you a chance to do a lot of new things to showcase your photography skills!

5. Battery Life and Charging

5.1 Champion Battery
Vivo T3x 5G has a powerful battery of 6000mAh. Needless to say that such a big battery can easily last the whole day. Whether you play games, watch videos or chat for hours, this phone will not disappoint you. Once fully charged, this phone can easily last the whole day and sometimes even till the next morning. Now you can remain carefree without worrying about carrying a power bank with you even while going on a long journey.

5.2 Fast charge, fast use
Not only is the battery strong, this phone also supports 44W fast charging. That means if your battery is low and you need to use the phone quickly, then no problem. This phone will be fully charged in a short time. Your phone will be charged more than 50% in about 30 minutes. So now you will not need to sit near electricity for hours to charge your phone.

5.3 Powerful battery performance
Now the question arises that how does this powerful battery perform in real life? So let us tell you that this battery works very well in everyday use. If you do not do much gaming and use the phone lightly, then this phone can easily last for one and a half days. But if you watch a lot of videos or play games, you may have to charge the phone in the evening. Overall, this phone will not disappoint you in terms of battery.

Vivo T3X 5G
Gadgets 360

6. Price and Availability

Powerful package at affordable price

If you are looking for a smartphone that not only offers powerful features but is also light on your pocket, then Vivo T3x 5G can be a good option for you. The starting price of this phone in India is ₹ 13,499 (4GB RAM + 128GB storage). This price can be considered quite reasonable considering the features of this phone. If you can spend a little more, you can also buy the 6GB RAM variant, which costs ₹ 14,999. However, if you are very fond of gaming then the top model with 8GB RAM will be more suitable for you, which is priced at ₹ 16,499.

Where to buy?

You can buy Vivo T3x 5G both online and offline. Apart from the official website of the company, this phone is also available on e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon. Also, you can buy it from Vivo’s store or any big mobile store.

Key Specs

  • Display6.72-inch (2408×1080)
  • Front Camera8MP
  • Rear Camera50MP + 2MP
  • RAM4GB, 6GB, 8GB
  • Storage128GB
  • Battery Capacity6000mAh
  • OSAndroid 14

Market StatusReleased

Release Date17th April 2024, pub-1243806233075433, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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