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Vivo Y17s

Vivo Y17s: A Comprehensive Review of Design, Performance, and Innovation

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If you are looking for a budget phone around RS 10,000 which has a good camera, strong battery and stylish design, then Vivo Y17s can be a great option for you.
However, if you want to get a phone for high-end gaming or want a very sharp display, then you will probably have to choose another option.

Vivo Y17s is neither a game changer phone nor does it have any major shortcomings. This is a good mid-range phone which is powerful enough for everyday use.

Introduction To Vivo Y17s

Stylish and powerful! First look at Vivo Y17s
If you are looking for a smartphone which is stylish, equipped with powerful features and also fits in the budget, then Vivo Y17s can be a great option for you. Let’s take a closer look at this phone and try to know how it is!

Vivo Y17s: brief description
Vivo Y17s is a mid-range smartphone which was launched in October 2023. It is designed keeping in mind those users who want an affordable phone with a stylish design, powerful camera and long-lasting battery.

Features that make it special
Vivo Y17s has many features that make it special. Some of these are:

Amazing 50MP rear camera capable of taking great photos
Powerful 5000mAh battery that lasts all day long
Large 6.56-inch HD+ display delivers stunning visual enjoyment
User friendly interface of FunTouch OS 13 with latest Android 13 operating system
Design and construction
Vivo Y17s comes with a plastic body, but its design looks quite premium. There is a slight camera bump on the back and it is available in two attractive colors – Clear Purple and Forest Green. This phone is quite comfortable to hold and is also light.

Beautiful and comfortable
Vivo Y17s is quite beautiful to look at and its thin bezel display makes it even more attractive. At the same time, despite having a plastic body, it is quite comfortable to hold in the hand.

Durability and strength
Although there are no long-term reports yet on the durability of this phone, it comes with an IP54 rating, which means it will be protected from light dust and water splashes.

Easy to carry
The weight of Vivo Y17s is about 183 grams, which is quite light. Besides, its thin body makes it easily carryable in pocket or purse.

Vivo Y17s

Performance and Hardware

Fun to watch! Vivo Y17s display shines
In order to know the features of Vivo Y17s, now it is the turn to look at its display. After all, how good is this display? Let us know in some detail:

Miracle of which technology?
IPS LCD display panel has been used in Vivo Y17s. This technology is known for providing vibrant colors and wide viewing angles. Meaning, whether you want to watch videos while lying down or play games with friends, you will have complete fun.

How big is it and how sharp?
Vivo Y17s has a large 6.56 inch HD + (1600 x 720 pixels) display. This size is good for watching movies, playing games and web browsing. However, if you want a super sharp display then this phone may fall a little short.

The colors are wonderful, the light is also wonderful!
The biggest plus point of Vivo Y17s display is its color reproduction. The colors look quite vibrant and vivid, which will give you full enjoyment of your multimedia. Besides, its brightness level is also quite good. Whether you are in bright sunlight or in a dark room, you will not face any problem in seeing the screen.

How is your inner strength?
Now it’s time to talk about the hardware that affects the performance of the display. Vivo Y17s has MediaTek Helio G35 processor. This processor is fine for daily use, but may be a little weak for high-graphics gaming.

Mathematics of RAM and Storage
Vivo Y17s comes in two RAM and storage options – 4GB RAM and 128GB storage and 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. If you do multitasking or use a lot of apps then the option with 8GB RAM will be better.

How is the gaming performance?
As we mentioned, Vivo Y17s is not made for high-end gaming. Its MediaTek Helio G35 processor and graphics processor may hesitate a bit in running more demanding games smoothly. However, if you are fond of casual gaming then this phone will be good for you.

Battery Life and Charging

How powerful is the camera? Take amazing photos with Vivo Y17s!
By now we have known the features of Vivo Y17s to a great extent. But the most important question remains – how is the camera? So, now let’s take a look at its camera system:

camera combo
Vivo Y17s comes with triple rear camera setup. The main camera is a powerful 50MP sensor which is capable of taking great photos in good lighting. Besides, it also has a 2MP depth sensor and another 2MP macro sensor. The depth sensor helps in giving the background blur effect , while the macro sensor is for taking close-up shots.

Easy to take photos!
Vivo Y17s is equipped with many camera features and modes. It includes some popular modes like portrait mode, night mode, panorama mode, slow-motion and time-lapse. These modes help you take different types of creative photos.

Video recording is also amazing
Vivo Y17s can record video in 1080p resolution. However, no high frame rate recording option is provided in it. But, this video quality is good enough for everyday use.

Battery life: all day companion
Vivo Y17s has a powerful battery of 5000mAh. This battery can easily last the whole day, especially if you are a moderate user. Even heavy users will not need a charger till evening, this is almost certain!

fast charging support
Vivo Y17s does support 15W fast charging. This technology helps in charging the battery quickly. However, nowadays many phones in the market come with 30W or more fast charging support, so this may fall a bit short.

Real test of battery performance
The specifications look great on paper, but to know how this phone performs in real life, we will have to resort to real-world testing. If you play a lot of games or use high-graphics apps, the battery life may reduce slightly. But, in normal use this phone can easily last the whole day.

Connectivity and Networking

Software and user interface: How user friendly is it? Vivo Y17s latest update
We learned a lot about the hardware and camera of Vivo Y17s. But the question is also what is the software that runs it? How easy is it to use? Let us find answers to these questions:

With latest Android
Vivo Y17s comes with the latest Android 13 operating system. This new operating system comes with many new features and privacy updates. Additionally, you can be assured that you will continue to receive security updates for some time to come.

Funtouch OS flavor
Custom user interface of FunTouch OS 13 has been provided on top of Android 13 on Vivo Y17s. FunTouch OS comes with many custom features and apps. However, some users may find it a bit heavy.

Will you keep getting updates?
Vivo keeps a very good record in terms of providing updates for its phones. You can expect that you will continue to get software updates for Vivo Y17s for at least 1 year. Security updates may also continue to be received.

Strong in terms of connectivity too
Vivo Y17s supports 4G VoLTE connectivity. However, the 5G network has not been fully launched in India yet, so the lack of 5G is not particularly bothersome at the moment.

Other connections are also wonderful
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity is also provided in Vivo Y17s. These connections are very fast and reliable. You can browse the Internet, connect Bluetooth speakers and use location services without any hassle.

Network reception and call quality
Network reception and call quality on the Vivo Y17s is generally good. However, it also depends on your area and SIM card provider.

Security Features

There is a rock in terms of security too! Features of Vivo Y17s will save you
In the articles till now about Vivo Y17s, we have learned about its hardware, camera, software and connectivity. But one thing is left – that is security features. After all, the security of the data stored in your phone is important for everyone. So let us now pay attention to this aspect:

Combination of fingerprint sensor and face unlock
Vivo Y17s has both fingerprint sensor and face unlock security features. The fingerprint sensor is given on the power button of the phone and it is quite fast and accurate. Face unlock also generally works well, but keep in mind that it is not as secure as the fingerprint sensor.

Set privacy as per your choice
Many types of privacy control features are also provided in Vivo Y17s. You can set which apps can access your camera or location. You can also set app lock so that no one other than you can open a particular app.

Immediate benefit of security patch updates
Vivo keeps releasing regular security patch updates for its phones. These updates help protect your phone from the latest viruses and malware.

Double the multimedia fun!
The multimedia experience on Vivo Y17s is quite good.

clear and loud sound
Vivo Y17s has a single bottom-firing speaker. Its sound is not very loud, but enough for watching movies or playing games. You can use earphones for better sound quality.

fun watching videos
The large and brilliant display of Vivo Y17s is good enough for watching videos. Whether you want to use online streaming service or watch videos saved in the phone’s storage, it is sure to be fun.

Gaming performance: Not ready for high-end games
As we mentioned earlier, Vivo Y17s is not made for high-end gaming. Its MediaTek Helio G35 processor may be a little weak in running more demanding games smoothly. However, if you are fond of casual gaming then this phone will be good for you.

Price and Availability

Don’t be heavy on your pocket! Where else to get Vivo Y17s price?
But one important question remains – what is its price and where can it be purchased? So let’s find answers to these questions:

Budget friendly!
Vivo Y17s price in India starts from ₹10,499 (4GB RAM + 64GB storage). Whereas, the price of the variant with 4GB RAM + 128GB storage is ₹ 11,499. This is a very good option in this price range.

Available both online and offline
Apart from the company’s official website, you can also buy Vivo Y17s from e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon and Croma. Also, this phone is easily available at Vivo’s offline stores also.

What is the competition in the market?
Looking at the price of Vivo Y17s, some of its main competitors include OPPO A18, realme C53, Samsung Galaxy A05 and Xiaomi Redmi 12C.

Market of features!
If you compare it with other smartphones, Vivo Y17s has some features which make it different. Some of these are:

50MP powerful rear camera
Latest Android 13 operating system
5000mAh powerful battery
Stylish and attractive design

Key Specs

  • Display6.56-inch (1612×720)
  • ProcessorMediaTek Helio G85
  • Front Camera8MP
  • Rear Camera50MP + 2MP
  • RAM4GB
  • Storage64GB, 128GB
  • Battery Capacity5000mAh
  • OSAndroid 13

Market StatusReleased

Release Date2nd October 2023, pub-1243806233075433, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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