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Water Kingdom Mumbai
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Water Kingdom, Mumbai Ticket Price, Entry Fees, Best Timings in 2024

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Water Kingdom is the largest water park in Asia. But it’s not just big pools and tall slides here. There are such things that will bring your childhood back again! So today let us take a peek at those special things about Water Kingdom, which will make your day.

Water Kingdom Ticket Price

Is it so hot that you don’t even feel like leaving the house? But I am also fond of travelling, isn’t it? Then there is no need to worry, today I will take you to a place where you will not only forget the scorching heat but will also be able to have a lot of fun with the whole family. That place is – Water Kingdom!

You already know that Water Kingdom is the largest water park in Asia. But you might be a little hesitant after hearing the ticket rates. So let us see today at what different rates tickets are available to visit the Water Kingdom:

Royal Treatment: Have a whole family and want to make a grand entry? Then take a regular ticket of Rs 1450. All day entry, all day fun!

Pocket Friendly: Want to have fun with little money? Then choose Zayedar Offer. Entry for just Rs 1300 and on top of that, free food coupon too! See, what a benefit! But this offer comes only on special occasions, so keep your eyes open.

Fast Track Entry: Short on time and don’t feel like standing in line? Then take a Fast Track Ticket of Rs 1270. Straight entry and straight water fun!

Double Maza, Double Dhamaka: Want to visit not only Water Kingdom but also Essel World? Then take a combined ticket. Whole day’s fun in both the parks, that too for just Rs 1650! This is the best option to go with family and friends!

Water Kingdom Mumbai
Image Credit Fabhotels

Water Kingdom Rides

What could be a better place than the Water Kingdom of Mumbai! You already know that it is the largest water park in Asia, but do you know that there are such rides here that will make you scream (be it screams of joy or fear!) So today let us visit the Water Kingdom. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous rides:

Imagica: Remember how much fun you had on the swing in your childhood? Then definitely try Imaginations. This is a special ride especially for small children. With a variety of colorful fountains and small slides, kids will have hours of fun here!

Alisan: Fancy a little adventure? Then Aalishaan is made for you! From a high tower you will fall straight down into the water. Everything will disappear in front, only strong wind and gust of water will be felt. Just like the stunts in the movies! But don’t worry, complete security is taken care of.

Manmohinī: The name itself tells us how beautiful this ride will be! Sit in a big round tire and slowly rotate around to see the entire water kingdom. This ride is perfect for relaxing and beating the heat.

Adventure: If you want a real thrill, then don’t miss the Adventure Ride! From a steep slide you will fall at high speed. There will be entry into the water with a big splash. After going on this ride you will say this – “Wow! What a thing!”

Things to remember when visiting Water Kingdom, Mumbai

Today let us see what things are important to keep in mind before going to Water Kingdom:

Take tickets in advance (Pehle se Ticket Le Lo): Water Kingdom becomes very crowded during holidays. Therefore, it is better to buy tickets online in advance. Otherwise you will end up standing in long queues and sweating!

Sun Protection: Even though you are going to be in the water all day, sun protection is very important. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen, also keep a hat and glasses with you. Otherwise, by evening it may turn red and look like a tomato!

Don’t worry about money (Paison ki Chinta Na Karen): There is no need to carry cash inside the Water Kingdom. A rechargeable waterproof wristband is available, by recharging which you can pay for things like food and drinks.

Wear comfortable clothes (Aaramdayak Kapde Pehen): Go wearing only swimsuit or shorts and T-shirt. Don’t wear too fancy clothes or jewelry, don’t get lost anywhere.

Manage your luggage (Apna Samaan Sambhaalen): Make sure to avail the facility of locker. Keep things like mobile, camera or valuables in the locker only. Don’t forget them while having fun in the water.

Pet ki Pooja: Food and drinks are available inside the Water Kingdom, but they can be a bit expensive. If your budget is a bit tight, you can take packed lunch from home. But remember, taking outside food is not allowed, so you may have to carry packed food a little secretly!

Water Kingdom Mumbai
Image Credit Fabhotels

Fun for all (Sabhi ke liye Maza): Water Kingdom has some fun ride for everyone, from small children to adults. But go on rides according to your height and weight. Before doing any ride, be sure to read the instructions posted there. Safety is most important!

Attractions near Water Kingdom, Mumbai

  • Bird Park (1 km)
  • Essel World Amusement Park (1.1 km)
  • Global Vipassana Pagoda (1.5 km)
  • Gorai Beach (4 km)
  • Manori Beach (6 km)
  • Uttan Virgin Beach (9.4 km)

Water Kingdom, Mumbai Information


Essel World, Global Pagoda Road, Gorai, Borivali West, Mumbai


Theme-based water-cum-amusement park

Distance from Major Transportation Hubs

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai (41 km), Mumbai Central (58 km), Hotels in Mumbai in Borivali West 


10:00 AM to 6:30 PM; every day

Time Required

3-4 hours

Water Kingdom Entry Fees

INR 1035 per adult; INR 660 per child, INR 660 per senior citizen

Ferry Ride Details

Essel World’s ferries are available from Marve-Malad/ Gorai-Borivali every 15 to 30 minutes.

Ferry ticket charges per person – INR 70


Water rides, pool parties, slides, fish pedicure


Lockers, restaurants, merchandise shops, washrooms, mobile phone and laptop charging points, car combo services

Special Arrangements

For corporate events, schools and coaching classes, birthday parties, wedding and anniversary celebrations, pre-wedding shoots, and more, pub-1243806233075433, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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