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When will The First Floor of Ram Mandir be Ready, There will be 6 Peaks

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Ayodhya Ram Mandir Construction Update: The historic inauguration of the Ram temple on January 22 marked a significant milestone in Ayodhya’s legacy, immortalizing Ramlala’s divine presence.

With the grand consecration ceremony concluded, attention now shifts to the ongoing construction efforts within the temple precincts. Following the Pran Pratistha ceremony, construction work has resumed, with 80 percent of the first floor already completed, leaving only 20 percent to be accomplished.

Simultaneous Construction of Second Floor: The six towering peaks of the temple’s first floor now stand adorned with vibrant hues, resonating with the spirit of devotional songs and prayers. The upcoming phase will witness the construction of the Gudi Mandap.

Reports indicate that the first floor’s construction is on track for completion within the next three months. Concurrently, work on the second floor, along with the construction of the main temple spire, will commence.

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Utilizing 1,82,000 cubic feet of stone, intricately carved in workshops located in Sirohi district, Rajasthan, the stones will then be transported to Ayodhya through designated vendors, in accordance with a meticulously planned strategy devised by the temple committee and vendors.

Additional Developments:

In addition to the main temple structure, plans include the construction of seven auxiliary temples within the temple complex. Among these, the Pakshiraj Jatayu and Kubereshwar temples have already been completed. Temples dedicated to Mata Shabari, Devi Ahilya, Maharishi Vashishtha, Maharishi Valmiki, and others are slated for construction.

Furthermore, various proposed constructions within the campus, including guest accommodation facilities and a passenger convenience center, are in progress. Notably, plans also encompass the development of restrooms within the Ram Janmabhoomi complex to ensure visitor comfort and convenience.

As the construction efforts continue, Ayodhya’s sacred landscape is set to witness further transformation, embodying the spirit of devotion and reverence for generations to come.

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